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HELP!-4 mth old not wanting bottle Lock Rss

My daughter has over the last 4 days decided that she no longer wants all her bottle. She used to drink 170-200mls 4 times a day (She's been sleeping thru for about 4 weeks) now she wants about 100 mls and then she plays with the teat. I tried today to not let her push the teat out of her mouth today and she did drink another 40mls but I don't really want to force feed her (not a good habit for her) also I have tried offering her the rest after 1/2 hr to 1 hr to just before she goes to bed and she will have 2 sucks and then start playing. This all started on Friday (the day after her immunisations). She has a fever and was unwell for 2 days but do you think that this has become a habit for her? She woke early from her morning sleep and took ages to resettle but i wanted to be firm about not feeding her early as I wanted her to be hungry for the next feed only she still wanted only 100mls!!!
Anyway sorry for the novel but I am getting worried about her. She had a fairly dry nappy this morning and it has been hot here so I'm worried she isn't getting enough fluid. She will drink water so I do give her a little to help.
Any suggestions and when should I get REALLY worriied and go to the Doc??

Dylan is 15 weeks he did this the other day then all of a sudden at 3 in the afternoon he downed a whole bottle in like 5 mins and has done so since! my nurse told me with ashton sometimes they slow right down before a growth spurt. So it cold be that but if sh doesnt get any better and u r worried please take her to the doc. The doc always tells me its nothing but she agrees with me when i say " better to be safe than sorry" so go if u r worried...

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

Hi Tiff,

My little man is 15 wks and is doing the EXACT same thing, and has been doing so for about 2 wks.

He drinks 100ml then just plays with it, pushes it out of his mouth and talks and smiles...

I took him to the dr and he said as long as he is gaining weight and drinking something not to worry, when they dont want the bottle at all thats when you worry.

The only way I can get Aiden to drink more is to wrap him and then he sometimes drinks about 30-40ml more but thats it.. It worried me at first as he used to drink 180-200ml no worries, but I dont worry anymore as he is still happy, sleeping through and gaining weight.

As Ashtonsmum said if you get really worried take her to the dr.

My son is 14 weeks old and since he was 7 weeks he started not finishing his bottle. First 6 weeks was good having 120mls every 2-3hrs. The CHN said some babies are poor eater. I remember when i was little i didn't want to eat much and i think he got it from me. His dad is the total opposite. We even went to the doctor as he was having colds. No more colds but still the same, sometimes he would only take 40-80mls per feed so i had to force feed him. For the last 3-4 weeks our routine would be eat, sleep, play. He will only finish his bottle when he is really tired, sleepy and calm. Now he drinks 150mls sometimes more but there are days that he would just have 500mls but im not really concerned about it anymore as he is gaining wait and always happy.
I think babies are also like adult, when they're hungry they will eat. CHN said sometimes they want snacks but if i can stop giving snacks to him and wait for his next feed then he will finish his whole bottle which i think is working for us. Your the mum and go with your instincts. Listen to other people's advices but at the end of the day he is your baby and you know what to do.

Migzy & AJ''s mum

My bub is 14 weeks now, she only drinks about 50 to 100 mls each feed and only take about 5 meals a day. I was so worried before, but now the nurse said as long as she is happy, sleep well and gain weight which she is so don't have to worry.


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