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needs a bottle at night? Lock Rss

My wee girl is 9months old now and I am still breastfeeding, during the day its ok but around 6-7 at night before she goes to bed I completly run out of milk and have to give her a bottle, I cant even squeez any out.

Will I start to run out of milk during the day as well? I planned to breastfeed her until she was at least 1, even up to 2 if I could and I'm starting to feel a bit down about having to give her a bottle, (my first wouldnt breastfeed so it was really important to me) and I really dont want to have to stop breastfeeding.

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Please dont feel down about giving a are already doing such an amazing job by breastfeeding at all. There are plenty of mums who want to and cant so be proud! Even more so if your first wouldnt and now your 2nd would - that is FANTASTIC!
I have always said "no kid stands up at their 21st and says My mum bottlefed me - vs - my mum breastfed me" so you do what you need to do and your bubbie will be happy because they have you who cares about them, not whether they have to have 1 bottle a day.
If your supply is still great morning and arvo I dont see why you would have a problem and if you search on this forum there are lots of suggestions on increasing supply that might be helpful.
Maybe look at it as a positive - makes it easier if you want to go to dinner and have a babysitter, or means your partner or friends can help out and give you a break if you need one..
There is no need to stop breastfeeding at all.....A friend of mine does both breast and bottle for every feed (as she has a low supply) and has done for 12 months...that is what works for her. Try not to worry and remember all the great things that you are doing already. Take care

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HI mummyto1,

Just wondering how its going?

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I also had a problem with a low milk supply at night for a while. My CHN recommended a product called Fenugreek, which can be picked up at health stores or the chemist. It is supposed to be for relief of mucus congestion, but also increases milk supply. She recommended I take 1 tablet, three times per day for a couple of days, then 2 tablets, three times per day until my supply was back to normal. She said that I could expect to smell like maple syrup when I was taking enough! Can't say I noticed the smell, but it sure worked.

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