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How To Freeze Breastmilk Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone could help me - I've never done this before.

I am currently expressing milk as I am going out next month and need to leave some bottles for my baby. I know you can freeze breastmilk for 3 months in the freezer but not sure how to go about it.

Can I put the milk in an ice-cube tray and place it in a freezer bag? Is a freezer bag okay or should I use a glad seal bag? Also once the milk has frozen am I able to take the milk cubes out of it and leave them in the freezer bag so I can re-use the ice cube tray?

I need adivce quickly as the breastmilk is currently in the frigde and I've been told it can only last in the fridge for 24 hours.

Luckiest Mum In The World

The couple of times I did it I left it in bottles (got some cheap Dymples bottles from BigW) but you can get special breastmilk bags for storing it. I haven't actually found any in regular shops but you'd probably get them at a Chemist. I don't think they are cheap but I believe they are sterilised.
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