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Combining breast milk and formula Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,
Sophie (4 months) is exclusively breast fed and occassionally drinks from the bottle containing breast milk. I have been invited away on an overnight stay next week and dont think that I will be able to express 4 bottles of milk the day before I go. Has anyone given their babies formula when breastfeeding? If so does baby take it ok? I can try for two days before hand to get 4 bottles of milk out but thats a lot, there is also no option of taking her with me.
I really, really want (and need) this break away, but if I cant combine the two then I just won't go.
Appreciate any feedback

thank you!!!

Mum to Sophie born 11aug05

Hiya. My little sweetheart would take formula while I was breast feeding. For about a week she would have the occasional bottle if daddy was looking after her as I wasn't able to express enough. She was fine as I say for about a week and then she started refusing it.

Hopefully Sophie should be fine and enjoy the newness of formula long enough for you to go away.

Just express what you can and maybe do an EBM feed followed by formula feed and so on.
Also seeing as how you are only going over night, sophie hopefully shouldn't get too attatched to the formula.

Have fun and let us know how it goes!!!

Carrie and Indigo smile

I was recently sick and couldn't bfeed so my Hubby had to use formula for a couple of days. My 4mth old took the formula easily (she had had expressed BM in a bottle before, but never formula). Now that I have recovered and got my supply back up again (that's a whole other story!), she has been 'weaned' back to the breast. She is still having one formula feed just before bed and all seems to be going well for us. I'd give it a go, but if you can, try the formula before you go away, it wasn't possible for us. I have also been told that if you mix formula and breastmilk together you can get the baby to take the bottle sometimes when they won't take straight formula. Apparently you start with mostly breastmilk and work your way up to a greater amount of formula.

Good luck and enjoy your break.

Michelle,SA,DD1 4 yo, DD2 9/8/05

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