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Which Formula is best Rss

Hi all,

I've been trying to find a website that compares baby formulas. However I 'm not having much luck!! I thought maybe Choice might have done one. but nope!!

I'm currently using S26, I used to used S26 gold but was told there wasnt alot of difference in the two. I'm not having any of the constipation issues that some mums are having on it though.

If anyone has compared or knows of a site, please let me know

thanks guys smile

Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03

Hi Kerryn, I first started using s26 but my baby was constipated a lot so i changed to nans fast digest ha, she was ok on that and now that she is over 6 months, nans has changed to nans B2 with bifidus but i have an aunty who is a pharmicist and she recomended karicare as she said she has never had any bad feedback on that, so i am using that now (the whey dominant one, as they have soy, goat milk.....) my little one seems to enjoy it, hope this helps.

Lidia, Vic, Baby Girl

If you compare the nutritional information on the back of the cans, you'll see that they all contain pretty much the same nutrients, so unless you've been recommended a particular type of formula for medical reasons ie, soy formula, I'd say go for whatever suits your budget. Any o fthe whey dominant ones are good, S26, Karicare, Heinz are the ones I tried and found Heinz to be the cheapest and no different to the other ones. The difference with the gold formulas is they contain LCP's but I've heard the benefits of these are minimal and only benefit for the first few months anyway.
iam using 26 gold i have found that to be an excellent formula !!!! my 10 month old girl is so clever and advanced,,, she has never been constipated or been sickky on it,,, only thing is its pretty expensive!!!! hope ive helped seeya smile

kylie (30) from munno para

The karicare website is

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

If your not having any problems, what are you worried about? Only worry if the one you have chosen is giving your baby a problem.

Baby: Jessika

Hi kez cap, I cant offer any more advice on which formula is the best however I can answer why you cant find any information re formulas.

Here is an article recently found in a mothers magazine , word for word-


The Federal Government is being lobbied to curb marketing activity by the infant formual industry. Formula makers are banned from advertising directly to the public and are also obliged to emphasise the benefits of breadfeeding over botttle-feeding. Compliance is regulated by a voluntary code between six manufacturers and the Federal Government, and breaches are investigated by an advisory panel comprising of industry and consumer representatives.
Breastfeed advocates, including the Australian Breastfeeding Association, say the regulatory system is ineffective and riddled with loopholes - such as pharmacies with their own brands of formula not being covered by the agreement - and they want to see tougher controls on formula manufacturers. The groups are suggesting that the advisory panel is ineffective because it cannot impose financial sanctions, and are pressing for legislation to curb the marketing activities of manufacturers.

I hope that answers why you will not find a lot of information re formulas on the net or any where for that matter.

Good luck.

Hi there,

My daughter was 12 weeks premature and while we were in the Neo Natal Unit in Wellington Hospital and also the Special Care Baby Unit in Hastings for all up of 10 and a half weeks the only formula that they used was the Karicare formula with extra fat to help baby grow. I had alot of trouble trying to breast feed my wee one so i decided to put her onto the bottle and i am using the Karicare and i am having no problems with it at all. Our Pedeatric Nurse that visits me twice a week told me that if baby gets constipated just put 15ML of Just Juice with 45ML of bolied cooled water in a bottle and give baby about 30 ML of it and that should help with the motion!! - my experince it does help. I give Siobhan 30ML each day and it works wonders.

Good Luck
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