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which formula? Lock Rss

hi guyz

my 6mth old baby has just started taking formula, but I wasn't sure which one was better s26 gold or karicare.

I was wondering which one people generally use and which one of the two is better.


I think they are both pretty good it just depends on what you pick and what your baby likes.
We chose Karicare for our baby when she went on to formula because when she was born and in the special care nursery they had to feed her some formula down a tube into her stomach. They used s26 first and she threw it back up so they then tried Karicare and it stayed down. They said Karicare has a slighly better taste to it. Anyway my baby has had that since 4 weeks and is now 15 weeks and loves it. But all babies are diff.
My 7 month old started on Karicare and and was doing ok exept she had reflux so i changed her to karicare sensicare and she was not happy at all I thought she was constipated but it was belly aches so i switched to s26 LF as i was told she may be sensitive she's happy and healthy and her reflux has improved with age so I can't put one in front of the other except that when I start her on non LF formula I will probably stick with the s26 brand.
You won't know which one bub likes until you try them. I started Jeb on s-26 gold and he loved it and it kept him full longer but unfortunately it made him constipated. So I thought I'd try a cheaper brand (coz you never know, they might work) in Heniz, but it too made him constipated and didn't keep him full as long. So I tried karicare gold. It doesn't make him constipated and keeps him full during the day (he goes 4 hours between feeds) but I have to add a bit of rice cereal to his 10:30pm bottle to see him through the night (naughty I know but it works for us) I suggest see your GP or CHN or contacting formula companies as they may have sample packets of different formulas to save you buying a whole tin only to find out it doesn't agree with bub. My CHN told me about the new NAN formula that's out now that's meant to be the closet formula to breastmilk so far but Jebs' happy with karicare so we've stuck with it. Good luck smile
Hi there and congratualtions on your bub. When I found out I was pregnant again I had to stop breat-feeding and put my son on formula. I started off on Karicare but found he was bringing up more than he was holding down. A lady at my work (oddly enough) said she had tried all the formula plus her own milk (weird I know) and said that NAN was the closest taste to the real thing. I tried him on NAN and haven't had a problem since (and it's cheaper than Karicare too). Hope you find one that suits your bub - they're all different.
Good luck with it.

Jool - Liam (01/05) & No. 2 due 04/06

My 8 month old son has been on NAN HA from birth. The hospital where he was born recommeded it to me as I was having trouble with breastfeeding. We gave him NAN HA 1 until he was 6 months old and then swapped to NAN HA 2. Apparantly the NAN is the closest to breastmilk and the easiest to digest. I did try him on Karicare a few weeks ago as the NAN was out of stock, but he hated it! He just refused to drink it.

In general I think most of the formula's are pretty much the same, but I would definatly recommend the NAN HA.

Good luck!
We started Lula with the S26 Gold as it came highly recommended by many. At about 8 weeks we discovered she had reflux and went onto the S26 AR. Personally I would stick with the S26 as it goes way back and the makers are constantly looking at ways to improve the product. Not sure what other formulas are like, but I agree see what works for baby and you. I know the S26 range and Karicare come in sachets which are good for both when you are out and about and if you trying out formulas.
Good luck

Maree,Vic, Lula

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