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Chocolate and breast feeding Lock Rss

I am really curious if other mums out there find any difference with their bubs should they binge on chocolate. I would also be interested if you find any change in bubs from coffee and tea (caffeen in general I suppose).

I've been really good until the last couple of weeks and find myself pigging out a bit. DD has been a bit of a horror at night with two teeth coming through but I was wondering if the increase in junk I'm eating may be effecting her.

I am trying to convince myself to go cold turkey on junk food (treats) again - LOL.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi Kazi - I ate chocolate and drank tea and coffee the whole time I breastfeed with no problems with my bub at all. I did try not to eat as much chocie as I would have in the past but I still ate it - and I drank coke too!
I know that some mum's will be horrifed to think that I did that but my bub was happy and never behaved any different on days when I didnt have this stuff. Dont think I have been much help of stopping you having the occasional bit of fun with chocie but thought I would let you know my experiene anyway.

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

Hi Kazi - I have found that when I have chocolate (ie a normal size bar) that it does affect Harrison's feeding, he may be a bit fussy or spill a bit (he does not do this normally) - when I only have a piece or tiny bit not such a problem.

Interesting that you posted this as I wondered if there was any link but I have found every time I have had too much choccie that I get the problem.

No fun for us tho.......

SA mum, Lis 17/6/00 and Harry 19/6/05

Hi Kazi

I seem to be replying to a lot of your posts lately - hope I don't sound like a broken record smile !

I've been wondering the same thing - mainly about caffeine. Lily sleeps through most nights now, but probably about 2 nights per week she'll wake once or twice at night. I'm usually really good and mainly drink water - but lately I've been drinking a fair bit of coke. I need to pay a bit more attention to see if I've been drinking coke when she's been waking at night. I might have to put a note on the fridge to remind myself smile ! I've had a couple of big glasses of coke today so it'll be interesting to see if she wakes - I'll let you know (might not be till after Christmas though). As if you want to give up treats at Christmas anyway LOL.

Take care
Hi Kazi,

When I had my son I was warned that a breast feeding mother should never have chocolate or caffeine - The thought of this absolutely horrified me especially as a self confessed chocoholic!!

I can say that after attempting to give up chocolate (which lasted about 2 days) I have eaten it quite frequently while breast feeding and I have not noticed anything different in my son - his feeds and sleeps are the same.

I think that providing that you get a good dose of your daily vitamins what harm can some self indulgence do - providing it dosent add too much to the waste line!!!!


mum to two little Mr''''''''''''''''s!

i never found it affected my son, but my friends bub is different, she cant eat alot of chocolate otherwise he gets bad wind and get spilly!!
My son is 7 months old now and doesn't react as badly as he used to. When he was younger I had the occasional chocolate bar and didn't notice any change so then had some huge binges. If I ate a family size block in a sitting, especially some of the really rich creamy stuff like the double blend, he would vomit constantly, not just after a feed. I've cut back to the occasional chocolate bar but I'm still hanging out for a choccy binge. He used to throw up a lot with garlic as well.
I don't drink tea or coffee but drink a can of diet coke every day(I know it's not good for me but it keeps me away from the family size blocks of chocolate)so I've been buying the cartons of caffeine free diet coke. You get used to the taste.


Hi! Kazi,

Arianna had a terrible reaction to caffeine - but I didn't even realise! After having her I have been desperate to lose my weight and have always dranken a lot of diet softdrinks - particularly Pepsi Max - little did i realise the amount of caffeine in it! I was drinking about 3 cans a day! To help my sugar fixes - eventually i realised when she was climbing the walls at night and that she was terribly irritable what was goign on. I realised when i didn't drink anything one day and i was severly grumpy and was craving a pepsi max - yet arianna slept literally all day and all night - poor thing!!! She must have been exhausted!!! I felt absolutey horrible!!!

However the only food reaction that she has ever had is with garlic - I have never had any problems with anything else - before she was born i was always told never to eat greens when breastfeeding! But she just loves greens! So I think each baby is different!


Arianna, Reagan & Oakley

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