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To all mums still feeding thru the night with 6mth bubs..... Lock Rss

Hi all - am finding the continuation of needing to feed thru the night a bit tiring to say the least, especially given the time of year (Xmas and school holis with an active 5 yr old!!)

Harrison is 6 mths old and still needing at least 1 night bfeed, even after having a big feed at 8.30pm/9.30pm or even 10pm like last night! He was up at 1.45am and again at 5.15am.

I have heard so many conflicting views on whether this feed is needed at this age, whether to persist with settling or whether at this age it is still common to need to feed. He has feeds 4hrly during the day, and is now having 3 solid meals but not always a lot of solids.

There have been many posts on this topic, but I feel I need the moral support of other mums going thru the same thing at the moment. Am very tired and not altogether enjoying BF at the moment.

SA mum, Lis 17/6/00 and Harry 19/6/05

Yep I got a night feeder too. But she's 7 months and gets up sometimes about 12ish for a feed or she'll sleep through and get up at 5ish, so only 1 feed but she goes back to sleep easily USUALLY. but now if she wakes before she's due I give a dummy and all is well she goes right back to sleep, only problem is she won't spit the stupid thing out. smile
Hi, my bub is 9 1/2 months old and breastfeed, she wakes several times a night to feed, I have found the easiest way around this is that she sleeps with us, I dodnt need to get out of bed, she doesnt cry at night - when she wakes I'm right there. This does not wake my partner as there is no crying - so he is not tired at work. I can go straight back to sleep while shes feeding. Now shes older she can find a boob byherself without even waking me. I know your all saying what about sids ect. but we follow all the saftey guidelines to prevent this. I find this safer then falling asleep in the lounge in the middle of the night after getting up to feed when your so tired.

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