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Doesn't drink the recommended amount? Lock Rss

Hi Everyone!

Brayden is seven and a half months and has been on formula since he turned six months. From about four months onwards when he was breastfed, he would only be on for 5 minutes at a time and then come off. He gets very distracted. On the Karicare tin, it says he should be having 250ml of formula 4 times a day! At the moment, he is only having 150ml 3 times a day and maybe 200ml before he goes to sleep. He has solids 3 times a day. Cereal with pureed fruit for breakfast, custard for lunch and meat & vegies for dinner. He is very irregular with his formula intake and I always have to pour away formula he doesn't finish. I don't know if it's whether I'm not setting a strict enough routine or if it is him. Do I have to worry about the amount of formula intake or should I just go with the flow? He is a very healthy baby and not about to fade away. He is 10kg+!!!

Don't worry about it. Brooke is just over 7 months and drinks 180ml about 4 times a day sometimes even 3 times a day she has solids as well and is 9.5kg.

I think because he is on solids and getting a good variety of foods he should be fine, also at 10kg+, I'd just get him weighed in a week or two and if he's still growing and gaining weight then he's doin great.
I breastfeed my babe morning and night, but give him formula at lunch time. I was giving him the recommended 200ml in a bottle, but the health nurse looked at the size of him (similar to yours - over 10kg at 8 months) and said he doesn't even really need the lunch time formula and to give him 150ml at the most. She said as long as he's having some milk on his cereal (I give him cows milk) and some yoghurt/cheese/custard then he'll be fine.
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