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do boobs remain sore while breastfeeding Lock Rss

can someone tell me something. so your nipples hurt the first few days while breastfeeding does it actually become comfortable to breastfeed?

YOur nipples shouldn't hurt at all, if they do then baby isn't latched on properly

Breast feeding does become comfortable but it is different for each person

I was comfortable from day 1 with all of my kids

I breastfed for just under 8 months. It stopped hurting all together about 8 weeks in. There were periods where it would hurt again like growth spurts but once we got the hang of it there wasn't any pain. Good luck.


The saying is that "bf shouldn't hurt" and for 99% of women this is true, but there is a small percentage of women that even when everything is fine with the latch, it's still not 100% pain free.

With DS1 the "pain" lasted for 6 long weeks, then one day I woke up, latched him on and it just didn't hurt anymore. DS2 is a bit of a different story all together, it took him about 8 weeks, even though my latch was fine.

There are some "hard and fast rules" that can help, but most women need at least a few days for their nipples to adjust to being sucked on at each feed, every couple of hours. If you have pain, and are worried about the latch, etc then speak to a lactation consultant for advice. Even when the latch is spot on, for some women (including me), they reach a point (usually about week 3) where they start to dread each feed and this is when alot of them tend to switch to bottle feeding. I just fed through it and life became so much easier once milk supply was established and bubs wasn't feeding as often.

There is help available though, and there are things you can do so bf does become comfortable, but how long it takes usually depends on the individual woman.


Hi there,
I'm with Jamesmum, if it is hurting to feed maybe get a lactation consultant to check the latch and see if they can give you any practical pointers.

Good luck, I hope all goes well.

breastfeeding was painful for me for about the first 6-8 weeks. Partly because my baby didnt latch on properly for the first few weeks and partly because feeding was just painful for me, even once we had it figured out. even now occasionally i will get a sore nipple. But for the most part, it becomes pain free and comfortable. definately worth putting up with the discomfort in the early days because it does get so much easier as time goes on.

I agree with everyone else, that yes the first couple of days and for some weeks can be painful. I found with both of my DS's the first couple of day's of getting attachment right could be a little painful but after that it did stop hurting and has been a wonderful thing. I also did nipple preparation before both DS's were born and I believe it helped. If you'd like to know more send me a pm. I would recommend ringing Australian Breastfeeding Association to get some more information or even checking out their website, also any good lactation consultant is worth checking out if you are concerned. Your boobs shouldn't be sore unless you have an infection and then you need to see a dr. Nipple soreness and breast soreness are different things. I hope this has helped and even made sense, lol.

mine hurt terribly and I used a nipple shield for the first 2 months. I think I know just as many women that breastfeeding was uncomfortable or even painful as those who had no problems.
can i ask mkr when going from using a nipple shield to bf without were your nipples still sensitive as you had to adjust without shields?

Poor you. When I started breastfeeding, my toes used to curl up every time my daughter latched on. I consulted my doctor, midwife a lactation specialist and they all agreed that the latching was fine. I have been breastfeeding now for over 9 months and while one nipple came right with time, I still have a problem with the other (although no where near as nasty as to begin with). Everyone told me to hang in there and against all odds, I have. Now I have the problem that my daughters teeth are grazing my boobs when she's feeding (she's not biting) but I'm not ready to give up feeding her yet....
Hi mel9671
when I stopped using the nipple shield they were still slightly sore (especially when she first latched on) but after about a week it became much more comfortable. I found lots of stigma attatched to using a nipple shield but I was in that much pain I was about to give up. so Ithought if that is how I can feed bub comfortably that I don't care what other people think.
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