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Breast fed for 5 mths now bubs wont take a bottle feed Lock Rss

I have breast fed for five months and want to now try and get my son to take a bottle feed of expressed milk so that I can go and do a few casual shifts at work. Only trouble is that I have tried to give him a bottle but he just screams and gets himself into an hysterical state and I end up breast feeding him just to settle him down.

I dont want to ween him from breast feeding yet, I just want to be able to get him babysat every now and then...

Can anyone pass on advise on what the best way of doing this is and perhaps what the best bottles and teats are for doing this. I have bought NUK teats and he wont take to these.

mum to two little Mr''''''''''''''''s!

hey Laura smile
I have exactly the same probley except my big baby is 14 months and i also tried at 5 months but didnt work but umm go out and buy a pigeon bottle or a teat ( the teats dont fit into normal bottles and i dont think NUK ones either ) it's just like a nipple nearly smile

Hi Laura,

I had the same problem at 3 months and then I tried again with no success at 5 months. A friend of mine suggested (duh!) to give him the bottle when he's really hungry. I tried this and he took the bottle. So finally at 6 months he took the bottle. I think prior to this, I would have a slight panic when he cried because of hunger and just put him straight to the breast and then try the bottle an hour or so after he had fed when he was settled... so he was thinking, I can wait for the breast.

I did give him formula and not EBM so not sure if that means it was easier or harder to get him on. I use Avent bottles.

Hope you have some success soon.

Bye for now!

i have same prob, just started trying to wean 5mth old, and its not happening, i tried just water first and he was not impressed, tried fomula tonight and all he did was i gave in a breast fed him..
haven't had a problem with other two they took to it straight away

Emma Qld. 4yrs, 19mths and 5mths

I had the same problem when I tried to give my 8 mth old a bottle with no success. My husband actually found a bottle by Playtex called VentAire Natural Shape (it was just at Coles) it has a larger teat which they claim assists with the switching between breast and bottle. My son has now been taking this bottle even with formula very well and has not looked back. He is now 9 1/2 mths old with six teeth that he likes to try out so we are slowly weaning him off me and onto a bottle full time. I feel i have given him a great start and don't feel that i am letting him down.
Good luck

Tracey,NSW,3 yr boy, 9mth boy

Thanks for the replies, another week on and still no success. I went to the chemist and bought Pigeon teats and bottles yet bubs still screamed when trying to give a feed, and I ended up breast feeding again. >:-<
I phoned the child nurses hotline for some more advise this morning and they told me that I need to just leave the house and let someone else feed bubs. She said that babies know when there mums are around and that if they think they have no other option but to take the bottle then he may take a bottle feed.
I am going to try and do this but i can only imagine this might be a very stressfull few hours for me - worrying about what is happening at home.

If I have some sucess ill post another reply.

Thanks smile

mum to two little Mr''''''''''''''''s!

After a month of tears and stress I have finally manged to get my now 6 month old to take a bottle.
I spent so much money on different bottles and teats and in the end the one that has worked is the 'Pur Orthodontic Silicone Teats - medium flow for 3-6 months'.

At the moment we have found that laying him in his bouncer and feeding him rather than holding him has worked a treat because when we held him he would instinctively turn his head towards the breast and when it wasnt there he would get upset.

All I can say is to all those mums out there who are breastfeeding and want to get bubs to take an occasional bottle is keep persisting because you will eventually find one that bubs likes.

Thanks to everyone that posted a reply to my original question!!!! wink

mum to two little Mr''''''''''''''''s!

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