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Nan 1 ha gold Lock Rss

My little one has been switched from plain nan 1 to gold and her poo is [email protected]!!!!! is this normal we switched on the reccommendation that she wouldnt get the fatty acids for the brain on the plain one and now her poo is black wil this normalise or is it the iron??? should we leave her on it??? i prefer her to have it as i was told the fatty acids can helpreduce the risk of adhd in future
I don't have this problem and it sounds very interesting. But I am pretty sure that the iron will make the poos greenish, If I saw black poo I would stop using it and ring the maternal and child health line and ask them.
my son has been on Nan Ha 1, now 2, since 6 weeks of age. His poos have always been dark green. I would certainly check with your MHN or GP if it is still black.
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