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Breastfeeding Myths and dealing with unwanted advice Lock Rss

Hey everyone!!!

Im holding a disscussion for my Local ABA group on Myths on breastfeeding and dealing with unwanted advice.

So here is my question i have a page full of myths associated with breastfeeding and ways of dealing with unwanted advice but i wanted some of your opinions on it so that i could add to the list if i have not got them!!!

I think the biggest myth would have to relate to supply and the fact that people believe that their milk dries up thus they give up. ( I know this happens in some cases but the majority can be avoided with educating on the dynamics of demand feeding and boosting supply)

I agree with spunkymonkez about the myth about supply drying up and baby going hungry so when this happens its time to top them up with formula

What about formula helping babies to sleep through the night?

I had issues with horrible pain while feeding of DS2 due to cracked nipples/thrush/mastitis. I had wanted to BF him a lot longer than I did so any info I could have had at the time to enable me to feed longer than I did would have been helpful

That if a baby isn't putting on enough weight while exclusively BF it means the quality of the milk isn't right and you need to supplement feed them

That is all I have for now chicky!

the one i had has already been said, the milk drying up thing

but a plus for breastfeeding to encourage is it can reduce risk of getting breast cancer

Ha, We must think alike, I was just drawing up a list of myths myself to post here. LOL Here's what I have so far, sure you'll have the majority of these though: [list] BF is hard Bubs is feeding frequently so I don’t have enough milk I have a hungry baby so I need to top up with formula My breasts are empty and need time to “refill” My baby is fussy at the breast I must not have enough milk I didn’t have any milk for 4 days so had to give formula because bubs was starving I didn't leak milk/colostrum during pregnancy so I might not be able to do it Bubs isn’t putting on a lot of weight, I must not have enough milk or the "quality" isn't good enough Pumping output is indicative of supply I can only pump 20ml after 40 minutes, I must not have enough milk I have small/large breasts so can't BF is painful BF and FF are interchangeable and compatible (this of course is not usually the case) If you have thrush or mastitis you must stop feeding I need to express so dp or other kids can help feed bubs-not sure if this qualifies as a "myth" [/list] The main myths seem to be around supply issues. In terms of dealing with unsolicited advice, I just ignore it. LOL I have had plenty of weight "issues" with both boys, first time led to formula top ups from 4 weeks but this time, due to me educating myself, I haven't topped him up. I find that if someone, mainly health "professionals" tell me to do something that I know is counterproductive I tell them firmly that I won't do it and then explain [b]why[/b] I won't do it. This tends to ruffle their feathers but I don't care. LOL So that's me..........if I can think of more I'll be back. Gee, I already thought of some. LOL Christina [Edited on 21/06/2008]

Thanks heaps guys keep them coming they are great!!!

I need to express so dp or other kids can help feed bubs-not sure if this qualifies as a "myth"

I had one like this its almost the same but i had written

My husband needs to bond with the baby so i had to bottle feed

Jamesmum our lists almost mimmick each others, You had 2 i didnt have so thanks heaps keep em coming hehe

[Edited on 21/06/2008]
If you breast feed, you dont knwo how much they are getting
Your milk isnt "strong enough" for baby
If it's too hot you should give up for your sake
after 8 months breast milk is useless
[Edited on 21/06/2008]

Posted by: ~kitty~
A couple of months ago I was told by a useless twit of a doctor that there is no point breastfeeding after 12 months because your milk turns to water and has no nutritional benefit for the toddler. As I said... The doctor was a twit.
Maybe you should be educating some health professionals too.

OH MY GOOD LORD.... Did this doctor know nothing??? Has he ever heard of the WHO reccommendations? Omg did you put in a complaint, that is just unbelievable!!!

I would love to educate health professionals, We are slowly getting there but as alot of people know its like banging your head against a brick wall for hours at a time!

How about...wait for it....

Boys can not be solely breastfed as they drink way more than girls.... boys need formula.

I know......

How about: breastfeeding is just about the mother.

and breastfeeding is a sexual thing.... (I am sure there is a better word than thing, but I'm sick and can't think of one!)


Hope you feel better soon!

That last one just gets my blood to boiling! It's amazing that seeing a woman feed her baby the way nature intended is "offensive" yet scantily clad women in bikinis or the "boobs on bike" parade is okay?!!!!! There are some seriously warped people out there. LOL


omg OC good one i totally forgot about that!!! I hate how they say BF is a SEXUAL thing grrrrrr

Hope you feel better soon xoxo

I also forgot the

i have inverted/flat nipples i cant feed one!!!
Mothers on medication should not B****

Breastfed babies need extra water on hot days

Colicky (sp?) babies should be put on formula

You can't breast feed while pregnant

breastfeeding toddlers encourage over dependancy

Formula feeding is easier that breast feeding (LOL what a joke)

Breastfeeding in public is indecent

Good luck with your presentation!!!!

ETA what about....

Doctors and health professionals know alot about breastfeeding! hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
[Edited on 22/06/2008]


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