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Breastfeeding Myths and dealing with unwanted advice Lock Rss


I like that last one! If I had listened to the health professionals DS1 would have been fully ff from 4 weeks and DS2 should be starving and "sick". LOL I mean, he doesn't weigh alot, so "there must be something wrong with him or my milk". *rolling eyes*

There's a thread over in the pregnancy section at the moment called "bottle or breast" and the stuff being said by non bfers is downright scary!


thanks for your get better wishes! : )
I now have lost my voice....

what about:

bf babies should stack on the weight every week without fail. if it slows down or plateaus there is something wrong. In real life bf babies all put on weight at different rates, no matter what the charts say......

Yeah, the weight thing makes my blood boil too...but only because I have "poor" weight gainers. LOL Seriously though I am off to Plunket (CHN for all you Aussie folk) this afternoon and am sure I am going to get an earful about Alex's size. So don't be surprised if I am back here in a few hours whinging about it....again. LOL

It's interesting though, if I plot him on the WHO weight charts he's off the bottom of those, but on their weight for height he's on the 15th centile and on the 50th for head circumference....go figure.

Grrrrr Not the weight thing!!
My MCHN is telling me ATM I have to force bubs to feed more during the day - How?????? Or wake her for feeds at night or FF, thank god the paed thinks differently and told me to give the MN his card to ring if she has a problem!!

Another one I got was A BF baby can't get reflux, while my poor littl girl was suffereing horribly from silent reflux, I then took her to another DR who said yes she has it but I will have to FF cos its thicker, he let me try her on Zantac which thankfully works

A BF baby won;t sleep through the night! Mine is 12wks and sleeping 12 hrs as was my other BF DD!

A BF will be more clingy to the mother, I disagree, I treat bottle feeding and breast feeding the same way so I didn;t find any difference between DS (FF) and DD (BF), I also did all of DS' feeds anyway.

I will think of more fr you Nooey!
Thanks heaps guys there is some i didnt have, Now im in the process of busting the myths out of the water hehe

The one i have personally busted is AMB feed babies sleep through. I have a 2.5 year old who was ABM feed and she still to this day hardly ever sleeps through hehe...

Does anyone want to help me bust some myths hehe
Posted by: Nooey

Does anyone want to help me bust some myths hehe

*Jumping up and down* Me, me, me...I'll bust some myths with ya. Had a horrible appointment with Plunket yesterday so ready to kick some *ss! sad]



what happened at the plunket??

Its truely sad isnt it kitty!!!

Well of course we have a number of myths to bust but the whole supple one is sumed up really well in the breastfeeding naturally book, with the checklist!!!!
I think one of the biggest myth's that need to be busted is.....
If you are having trouble go see your baby nurse. Mum's need the RIGHT advice so send them to the place they will get it ABA all the way!
Another thing I just thought of was to inform mum's of growth spurt's.
At around 6 week's the ABM tin say to increase the amount but a breastfed bub doesn't have a feeding table on them nor do our boobies so at the growth spurt when bub need's to boost supply some women see it as a sign of lack of milk & a hungry bub.
[Edited on 24/06/2008]


This post has really got me thinking!

Breast fed babies dont get constipated.

When my DS 2 was around 4 months he got severely constipated.My GP kept saying BF babes dont get constipated they can go for 10 days..Blah... this may be true for some.
But my little man ended up having Xrays and was severely impacted which was pretty traumatic for him (and us).

Everyone is raising some great points!

[quote][b]Posted by:[/b] Nooey YAY CHRISTINA WOOT WOOT LETS BUST SOME MYHTS HEHE what happened at the plunket??[/quote] I got the usual rubbish about his weight. It started well enough and I thought "yay, finally someone who listens to [b]mum[/b] instead of those d*mned charts all the time", that was till we put him on the scale and he hadn't gained anything in the past month. So I got the whole "you should be replacing bf for solids at his age" and "introduce a 3rd meal to get more calories in him" rubbish that I have heard a million times before. So I called her out, saying he was on the 50th centile for HC, he had grown a cm in length and he is on the 15th centile on WHO's length for weight charts. As soon as I challenged her, she got her back up and said "well he's actually lost 200gms so I think that you should be feeding him more solids"!! Grrrrrr.........didn't have the charts with me to prove that milk has MORE calories than just about anything besides avocado, but seeing as she didn't want to listen to me thought it would be pointless to "argue" with her. I just said "okay" to everything she said and packed up as fast as I could and left before I did her bodily harm. I was fuming and it left me feeling a bit unsure of myself. She wants us back in three weeks for another weigh, not sure I am going to take him though, even though we have made an appointment for it. My logic for the no weight gain is this: [item] I introduced a 2nd meal after his last weigh and though he is feeding as much as he ever was, I can only assume he's not taking as much milk. [/item][item]I had a really bad stomach bug about 3 weeks ago, knocked me for six and basically didn't eat for 2 days, spent a whole day chucking (which I [/item][b]never[/b] do) [item]Alex is back to taking one side at most feeds, his decision not mine and of course I can't force him to feed if he doesn't want to So, I have basically decided to ignore Plunket for now, maybe add some of the more calorific things into his diet, but certainly not adding another meal......he'd probably be loosing weight next and then what would they say? She essentially told me to feed him more food, but what am I supposed to do if he doesn't want it.....force feed him? Now with milk, if he's not interested he starts playing up, blowing raspberries and laughing hysterically at me the cheeky monkey. LOL Everything else is all good, and points to him being fine, but all she kept harping on was his "rate of growth.......blah, blah,blah, I swear I could have swung for her. The stupid thing is she says that he looks great, good tone, alert, I seem to know what I am doing, etc but then then she starts in on how he's "not" growing". I swear I give up........I think I know better than anyone how he is in himself and as I'm with him everyday and she's not, think I'd notice if something was wrong. Okay, rant over...happy bf ladies and [/item][b]trust[/b] your instincts (this is true too if you think something is not right), and try not to listen to those people who might try and make an issue of something that doesn't need to be made an issue of.

Okay, rant over...happy bf ladies and trust your instincts (this is true too if you think something is not right), and try not to listen to those people who might try and make an issue of something that doesn't need to be made an issue of.

Well said there James mum! I am glad you put your nurse in her place!

I have been having troubles with my MCHN with little Reagan (12wk), she is putting on around 50-70grams a week, I was told the minimum shoud be 90gr.
She sleeps 12hrs most nights and has 5 feeds a day and is a beautiful happy bub, I was told I need to wake her at night and force her to feed (how???!!) or give her a bottle of formula of a night.
I saw a paed who was very happy with her and told me not to listen.
It makes me mad though, if she was my 1st she would prbably be n formula by now!

My eldest is also small for his age - but was a bigger bub - and I was told a year ago to put him on a highfat diet which I refused, my kids are happy and healthy and reaching their milestones, I don;t think theres much more you can do.
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