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Dropping a Feed Lock Rss

Hi all, my son is nearly 10 months old & I was wondering whether I should be thinking about dropping one of his milk feeds?

He currently has 4 x 220ml bottles a day - 7am, 11am, 3pm, 6:30pm.

What are other mums doing? And which would be the recommended feed to drop?
Hi SF,
My DS is now on 3 x 220ml bottles a day and up until around 8.5 months I thought he'd never drop a bottle lol but then one day he just wasn't interested in the afternoon bottle. I read the other day that between 10-12 months babies shouldn't be having more than 600mls of formula a day as it can interrupt their interest in solids (I haven't looked into whether this is a good theory or not yet though).
Is he fully on solids yet? I found it best that you let them guide you on how much or how little they want to eat and feed accordingly (I used to be so nervous that I'd overfeed my DS).
Also, from around 9 months you can start giving breakfast before a bottle if you like i.e. breakfast and then 30 minutes to an hour later give them their first bottle so this might help. My DS now has the following:-

7am - 4tbsp baby muesli & one piece of toast with vegemite
7.30-8.00am - bottle
10.30 - snack
12.00pm - bottle
2.00pm - lunch
3.30pm - snack
5.30pm - dinner
7.00pm - bottle

I hope this helps smile
[Edited on 25/06/2008]

Thanks for the tip : )

Yep, he's fully on solids, 2 courses for lunch & dinner and snacks if he's interested. But I just CANNOT get him to eat brekky! Sometimes he'll chew on a bit of toast but that's it. So I might try your suggestion of brekky before bottle and see if that makes a difference.

I'll keep following his lead with the rest for now.

my son was hating breaky and I was finding it impossible to feed him in the morning then I tried him with weetbix with hot water to soak and some full cream milk and he loves it! Will eat 1 whole one most days and about half a slice of toast with peanut butter, avocado or vegemite

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