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HELP! What to do when a milk feed is dropped Lock Rss

Hi, my son is 10 months old and hasn't wanted his night bottle before bed for the past week. He may have 25-40mls some days but mainly just refuses it altogether and goes to bed.

Am I feeding him too much for dinner? He has some veges, meat and pasta (usually leftovers from our dinner the night before) and then some yoghurt or custard for dessert. It is another 2 hrs before we try to give him a bottle before bed but he just doesn't seem to need it. Goes to bed at 7-7:30 and wakes at 7am.

He only has small bottles for his other 2 as well. Usually drinks 175mls in the morning and around 150-180mls in the middle of the day.

What are other bubs this age drinking?

At around 9-10 months a lot of babies start taking more and more interest in solids as it becomes the main part of their diet. My DS is almost 10 months and has 3 bottles a day as well, he drinks about 180mls after his breakfast, 220mls around midday and sometimes only about 150-180mls before bed. Sometimes when I offer him his bedtime bottle he barely seems interested as well but continues to sleep well overnight (sleeps from about 7.30pm-7.00am).

Beautiful pic by the way smile
[Edited on 27/06/2008]

is he drinking water as well???
yes he has water with his meals and during the day

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