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HELP..My son won't drink his bottle! Lock Rss

Hi All,

My little man is 18wks tomorrow and for the past week or so has been fussing with his bottles, I dont know what the problem is, I took him to the Dr's on boxing day thinking he may have had a red throat or something but he said he was fine..

I dont know what else to do, he wants to drink it but has a couple of sucks and then screams... He has reflux and is on Zantac 3 times a day, maybe its the formula he doesnt like?? He is on KARICARE HA-AR.

Has anyone else had this problem? If so what did you do to fix it?

Any help would be great.


Hi aidens_mum,

I have a 5 Month Old Son. I was breast feeding and went through a similar situation when he was about the same age. Our turned out to be Colic. We bought Colic Relief from the Chemist and it helped him with the stomache pains. One way to know if that's what it is : is when you try to feed him. If he comes off screaming doe's he pull his legs up toward his chest. Babies pulling their legs up toward their chest when they scream, could mean they are in pain. Try giving him some cooled boiled water to settle him down. If worst comes to worst you may need to try panadol or even Calm. It's the same brand as Colic Relief. ( Calm is a herbal relaxant. I found that very helpful throughout the Colic stage ). If it is Colic and you can't get the wind up. I gave either Calm or Panadol to help him sleep and always found that while he was sleeping and relaxed, the wind would work it's way out.

Let me know how it goe's ?

Brodie's Mum, NSW, 8 Month Old

My little man went through this (I can't for the life of me remember!!!) but I know it was around this age somewhere. Anyway, I just put it down to a growth spurt. Babies natural pull off their mums when they are breastfed to get the mums milk supply up. Jeb went from downing 5x200ml bottles a day to barely finish 100ml max at most feeds. I paniced a little and started experimenting with solids when this happened a few days in a row. While he refused to have any more bottle he would scoff down his food that I offered. After a week or 2 he started polishing off his bottles again along with the food.
I would worry to much. If your willing to start solids around 4 months then may be give that a go? Jeb also plays up a lot with his bottles too if his teeth are "moving". Hope I have helped a little smile
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