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Breast Feeding Lock Rss

Hello everybody!!

I am a first time mum and I think that as most first time mums would agree you want to give your child the best of everything. I decided to breast feed my now 5 month old son, but not without difficulties in the begining. After having got it down pat, but not without a nipple shield, I found this to be the most rewarding thing in the world. Nothing compares to that bonding time with your child.

Unfortunately, I am no longer able to breast feed. My son is now teething and going through a growing spurt and wants to feed every two hours. My breasts are no longer producing and as a result I feel as though I have failed as a mother. I have a large support network who is headed by my husband, who tell me that I should be greatful for the four months that I have been able to feed, but I still have that failed feeling.

If any one out there has been in the same situation please let me know how you delt with it, and any tips to over come that feeling!!!

Bec, TAS, 5mth baby boy

Hi bec,

My name's Amy and i have a 5.5 mth old son Adam. I, like you was unable to breast feed after 4.5mths due to adam having a growth spurt. Then after putting him on formula he got reflux. So i felt worse as i felt, i should have known he would be sensitive to formula as, he was a vomitty baby even with breat milk.

The only way i feel i got over my feelings of failure was with the enourmouse support from my family and friends. Another big thing that helped was the support of being in a first time mum's and young mum's group run by the local council.

Hang in there and never believe u are a bad mother because i'm sure your not. Keep your head up and share this special time with your son and husband.

From Amy

if u'd like to talk more you can email me at [email protected]
Hi there,

You can still continue to BF your son. The more you feed the more milk you will produce.

Have a look at these links to boost milk supply.

Motilium (Domperidone) and other galactagogues to boost breast milk supply: - DPD Motilium - Herbal Remedies to boost supply

Other useful links: - Correct Latching (with illustrations)

I Becky Boo.
I read what happened to you. I as well had problems breast feeding. It isn't samething easy to go though.It is a very stressfull thing to breast feed. You did very good, that you could breast feed till he was 4month. You sametimes get mothers out there that give up start away not even try to breast feed. Don't put your self down,you say to your self i did well. I did what i could but i now i did well.

My problem i have was not good at all. I went though having menstitas then followed my absyinanse. Absyinanse is an infection that was on my breast which was white pass. They had to cut it open to remove the pass and that of cause was not a good feeling. I then had a hole that was 4cm deep and for a month, everyday they had to put things inside to make it better. It was a painful experience. But i still continued breast feeding the next day of it happenig. I breast feed my son till he was 6 and a half months and i was happy that i did not give up. But i also had to stop breast feeding him because his teeth were caming in aswell. So with that don't put your self down cause you were very good to breast feed him for that long.
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