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Boiling milk Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

My nearly 8 month old baby boy is lactose intolerant, and has been on lactose free milk for a while.

1. Does anyone know if I mix 50% full fat cows milk/50% water, then boil it, would that then be easier for him to digest?

2. I have been giving him the off the shelf type lactose free milk, does anyone know if I can buy lactose free milk in the cold section at the supermarket, if so what is the brand? I shop at Woolworths (for convenience) but they don't seem to have it.

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My daughter is also lactose intollerent and I've heard that you shouldnt give cows milk to baby until 1 year even it is half water and boiled, also it will still have lactose in it.

You can buy soy milk or so good which is lactose free but I havnt heard of any others.

Also if you dont mind me asking what is the reason for giving up the off the shelf lactose free milk?

My daughter is still on Infasoy at 14 months and it is very expensive.

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Yes, I definitely won't be giving him any cows milk until he turns 1. Only today I bought him some soy yoghurt which he hasn't had as yet, I will try that on him tomorrow, have you tried that?

No, I haven't given the "off the shelf milk" up, I was just wandering as they have the lactose free milk (long-life) on the shelf, why then don't they have it in the fridge/freezer section in the supermarket?

Mum to toddler

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