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Hi i need help i have been trying to wean my 5 month old to a bottle from the breast but she will not have it .
I have tried differant teats also expressing breast milk but she will not take the bottle from anyone. any clues

No tips I'm afraid as Alex used to have them and now won't. <span class="emoticon wink">wink</span>] I have found these links for you, they might have some ideas.

Offering your BF Baby a Bottle

Tips on Offering Bottles

Introducing Bottles to a BF Baby

I think they will generally say the same things, but something is bound to work. I gave up trying in the end, mainly because I didn't need to do so as I ended up having to quit my job and I'm pretty much with him all the time.....hated having to dump my expressed stash though. <span class="emoticon wink">wink</span>]


Hi, our DS was 5 months when we started breast to bottle.
It took him 3 weeks to 'get it'.
Just a few tips that helped us:

We had him in the high chair every time we offered the bottle (mealtime association?)

We gave him a teat to play with every time (in the high chair), eventually he sucked on the proper end then we gave the bottle.

He first drank from the cheapest of cheap teats, then we switched him to the one we wanted to use.

We stopped if he cried/fussed & tried again later.

I left the room while DH tried to feed, later it didn't matter & he'll feed from his carers in chairs or in arms.

Major problem I had was losing expressed milk not drunk, so poured 10-20ml at a time into a small bottle from my stash (easier to warm quickly too).

All the best.

[Edited on 18/07/2008]
I weaned my son also at 5 months and like the previous post said it took him about 3 weeks til he was ok with formula. i first gave him a small bit of formula in a spoon just so he could get used to the taste and smell. i did this before i would breastfeed him. i gradually built up the formula to about 50ml in a tomme tippee closer to nature bottle and one day he just decided to drink all of it.. at first he would only take a bit but i think he got used to the taste after 3 weeks. we also put him in his little rocker to drink his bottle. i remember we went thru 3 different formulas before we settled on the Karicare brand since it smelt/tasted a lot nicer than the others.


Today is the first day I have been able to bottle feed my 5mth old little girl. I live in the Waikato and went to the Family Centre here, they are fantastic. But anyway how we did sounds terrible but you just need good support. I breast feed last night at 10pm then nothing till 9am the next morning ( not so bad as she sleeps thru the night) then at 9am we gave her a bottle, I left the room and they feed her, took sometime and crying but she took 180ml, then I had a go halfway thru the next feed and she was good, a few tears to start with but 220ml was taken. The third feed was me by myself at home, no tears and 220ml was downed within minutes.
We tried many times before this to get her on a bottle and tried Avent and the Tommee Tippee breast to bottle and she would not have a bar of it, but today we used the Nuk teats Cross cut 102F, they fit any standard bottle.
Good luck, hopefully you have already got it sorted!!

Here's what I did. I would breastfeed first for 5mins then gently slide the bottle into her mouth from the side and slide out my breast. I started with on afternoon feed until she could master the bottle, before I move on to another feed. It took her a few weeks but the rest of the feed was easier.
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