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dropping night feed Lock Rss

Hi, I dropped my son's 2am feed when he was 9 months old. I had advice that after I had given him his last milk feed, to also give him 1/2 a weetbix mixed with a little milk breast or formula, this was really to just reassure me that he had definatley had enough to eat, that he should be able to go through till the morning, and the first night I gave him 1/2 a weetbix, he did sleep through. I continued this, and eventually it was 1 weetbix. He is nearly two now, and some nights if its been a while since dinner and its his bedtime, I still give him a weetbix or a bowl of porridge, 5 mins before bed.
Thanks for the tip. I might just try that. My son is nearly 12mth old. He wakes at 5.30am for a feed and goes back to sleep. I'd rather him sleep till pass 7am.
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