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breast feeding from only one breast Lock Rss

Hi, I am hoping that I may get a few suggestions perhaps. I have been breastfeeding my baby who has only just turned one, with absolutely no problems at all (apart from the usual ones in the first couple of weeks learning how to attach etc). I have never had mastitus or anything else. Over the last week, for some particular reason, she has been refusing to feed from my left breast. She is still wanting to feed, and she feeds from my right breast very contently. I do have milk in my left breast but it does seem as if the supply in that breast only has diminished some what. I have been expressing morning and night, trying to keep it going, but i have not had anywhere near the same amount of milk in the left as in the right. This seems a bit odd to me. Has anybody else had/heard of anything similar where you can offer me a suggestion? There does not appear to be any lumps or anything else unusual at all. My diet has not changed, nor any medication. I would have thought if my milk was starting to dry up that it would happen in both breasts.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

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Hi Linda,

I had this problem with my 2nd Child (he is now 9 & 1/2. I did lay down with him to feed & found that it worked also for some reason no one could explain the let down in 1 breast was a lot slower than the other 1 towards that age for mine so I was also recommended to try expressing first then putting bubs on & starting him off on that breast each feed.
I now have my 3rd with the same problem every now & then (she is 5 & 1/2 months) so I do what worked with my Son & it still works. I have been told that it could just be this particular breast as it has happened with 2 kids?

hope this helps.


thanks for your replies - i have had this problem continually ever since i initially posted, she has only fed for (literally) a couple of seconds from the left side, before turning away in disgust, then flat out refusing from then on - would only get a couple second feed from the left breast, once per day, and that was only when she first woke up and was half asleep. Anyway, about two weeks ago, i went and bought a hand breast pump, and pumped and pumped and pumped till my hand nearly dropped off - only droplets appeared from that breast. I continued to do that about 3-4 times a day till eventually my supply built back up again. She now feeds relatively ok from my left side now, and she will even accept a feed from that side during the day when she is wide awake. I am so glad that it has basically fixed itself up - i was feeling a bit sad that she perhaps no longer wanted to breastfeed.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

Hi Linda
It's probably nothing but I did read somewhere that very occasionally Babies will refuse a breast if there is disease there. Apparently this is very rare but they did recommend that you get checked out by your GP if you have this problem just to rule out anything sinister.
Good luck
I have also got the same problem!
I have a 6 month old little girl who for the past month, has decided to only feed from my right breast. I couldn't work out why so I expressed the left to see how much I could get and I only got 40 mls in 20 minutes. I am now only feeding from the right side all the time now. I don't think it is a problem the only thing is i've got lopsided boobs!!
Both my sisters had the same problem and one fed for 3 years!!

Julie~mum to Jordyn-12,Jai-9,Eli-5,Kayne-10months!

My 10 month old has just started feeding only from the left side. I put her on the right side when she just wakes up in the morning, before her eyes are properly open, and that tricks her but otherwise she likes her left titty! The milk adjusts itself, i rang the breastfeeding association, and they said that the breasts build up more supply on the side the baby feeds from the most. I'd give them a call if you're concerned. The supply in the right breast is nowhere near what the supply in the left breast is so you shouldn't have problems. Call the association, they should be in the phone book.

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

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