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First feed for the day Lock Rss

Hi all

My son is now 13 weeks old and over the last couple of weeks he has been having a feed at 10pm, then somewhere between 3-4am. Then when he wakes in the morning (mostly between 6-7am) he doesn't seem to be hungry. He is on formula now and I have been trying to get him to take a bottle when he wakes but he's just not interested. Sometimes I manage to get about 50 mls in him then he will go back to sleep about 8am.

Before this started he would wake up starving and I would have to feed him straight away. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments on what I could do to get him to take a bottle first thing in the morning? Does it really matter if he goes without till the next feed?

Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Debs, NZ, Mum to Rory born 19/01/04

Hi deb,

My advice is to not worry. Take his lead and offer it to him but don't worry if he's not hungry. Sometimes tiredness overtakes their need for food so if he's still sleepy and goes down again without a feed, then don't worry. He will make up for it during the day.


Hi Debs

I agree with Natalie - don't worry, he will eat when he's hungry. As long as he still has plenty of wet nappies everything should be fine.

Hi Debs
Maybe a way of getting him to feed when he gets up is to try and delay the feed he has between 3 and 4am. Maybe only offer him bottled water at this time for a few days to see if he resettles, or get his dad to try this.
My son used to wake at this time after previously going all night. I used to offer him cooled boiled water, which he didn't take. Then hubby started getting up to him at this time to resettle him, Liam knew that if he played up for long enough I would eventually feed him, but he rarely played up for his dad. This pushed his feed back to around 6am, then he went back down til about 9-9:30 and would then wake up and I'd feed him. (He's still breastfed)
You haven't said how many other feeds he has during the day either. Maybe you could increase it by one and he'd go for longer at night, or give him more in his last bottle. These are a few things a friend has tried with her little one who is bottle fed also.
Hope this helps you otu somewhat. don't get to worked up he may be going through a growth spurt so is a bit hungrier than before.

member since 2004

Hi everyone

Thanks for the comments and advice ... I have decided to just go with what he is doing - I have been managing to get nearly 100mls into him at about 7am lately which I am happier with - it's allowing me to get more into a routine also.

Thanks again

Debs, NZ, Mum to Rory born 19/01/04

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