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11month old doesn' hold own bottle Lock Rss

My 11 month old son who has three bottles a day doesn't hold his own bottle. Now this doen't bother me as he feeds himself fingers food really well and is starting to drink holding sipper cup. He has never shown any interest in trying to hold bottle - I have tried putting hands on bottle etc. He will just throw the botle aside and won't drink. He is very independent in every way but is just not interested in holding bottle so I hold it. Now as i said i am not bothered. But everyone is now starting to make comments like - hes to big not to be holding his own bottle etc etc. So its made me think - should I be worried? Has anyone else had a similiar situation? What did you do? Any trick to getting him to do it? Or should I just forget about the comments as he isn't attached at all to bottle and I will be starting to wean onto sipper cups soon anyway. Just really interested in what others do and think. Suggestions welcomed. Thanks
I wouldnt be worried at all, my DD started to hold her own bottle around that age and I was sad that my baby didnt need me to feed her anymore... sniff sniff.

I wouldnt worry what anyone else says, there is nothing to worry about and like you say you will wean him onto sipper cups so who cares. Enjoy it while it lasts, they grow up way too quickly smile
Thank you for that - I will do both, not worry and enjoy. You are so right they do grow up way to quickly.
Hi there,
My DS didn't hold his bottle until around 10.5 months and like your son, used a handled sippy cup perfectly! I just enjoyed it while it lasted and then one day as I was sitting down to feed him I must have taken too long and he snatched it out of my hand.
You can buy cheap handles for bottles from most $2 stores if you're interested.

Good luck smile

Hi - I was relieved to read your letter as my daughter is about the same age and she doesn't hold her own bottle either. I have handles to attach to the bottles and a sipper to make them into a sippy cup. Should I be starting to use them now, even for the bedtime bottle (ie. do I get rid of the teats on the bottles completely?) Also, should I start weaning her off the bottles/formula? I am a bit confused as to when the right time is to start this process, so any extra advice would be appreciated.


Don't worry I have been confused for 11 months. Ha ha. But one thing I have learn't is to do whats best for you and baby. They can start having cows milk from 12 months and as far as I understand don't really need formula after this point. As long as they are getting their correct daily requirements of calcium etc. (Which this website has a lot of information about.) I am going to keep using his bottles with teats until he is 12 months then replace formula with cows milk. Then slowly wean off bottels by dropping amount of milk at each feed slowly over a few weeks - until he is no longer having bottles. Then probably give him a sipper cup of milk with breakfast then water for a rest of day. But as with everything else we shall see what works. I haven't been through this stage yet so its all hit and miss. Ha ha. I use his sipper cup all day with water now so he is getting in the practice. But as I say its up to you - how much milk you give them each day and when once you have weaned from bottle. Have a look on this website for info on weaning - daily requirements once weaned etc. I have found it really helpful. Good luck to both of us.
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