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changing to cows milk Lock Rss

my little girl is 11 months old now. she likes to drink cows milk as a drink in a cup, what i was wondering is how should i make the transistion to cows milk, she loves her formula (s26 gold) and also likes her bottles????? should i stop buying formula and just give her cows milk to see what she thinks... ive heard i should boil it????? thanks guys

kylie (30) from munno para

Hi, Jack has been given cows milk since 12months on his breakfast, i have also started to give it to him at night time as he has decided that boobs just don't do it for him anymore! I was never told to boil it and to my knowledge neithor were any of the other mums in our mums group. You could prob start with the cows milk when your almost through the tin of formula, just so you have a back up.

mum of 1

Hi Kylie

The reason for boiling cows milk is it breaks down the protein which most babies under 12 months can't digest properly. But if your daughter has been OK with it so far I wouldn't worry. Have you thought about weaning her off her bottle and just giving her milk from a cup? If she is already able to drink from a cup there's no reason for the bottle unless she prefers it for comfort.

Hope this helps
hi guys thanks heaps for your comments she is now on cows milk she loves it thanks !!!! smile

kylie (30) from munno para

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