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Question for bottle feeding mum Lock Rss

To those of you who were bottle feeding their bubs from birth or early on i have a question for you.

Where you ever told you shoudl also be giving your baby water as well as formula?

The reason i ask is ive noticed alot of mums asking for help for their constipated babies, with a fair majority of these being bottle fed babies.

I was always taught as a mum, and as a nurse, that those who are soley bottle fed also should have suplements of water especially in summertime.

I was taught that formula was soley a food, where the body adjusts how must water is in the breast milk depending on temperature and does provide the water required for the baby.

Now im not saying this to advocate for breast feeding, i know there are many reasons for choosing and i do not critisise anyones choice. Im mearly asking for the sake of stressed mothers and their blocked up babies.
All of my bubs where on the bottle from bout 6 weeks and yes i have always given them water in summertime so they arnt dehydrated. When i had Ds 7 yrs ago they said to use brown sugar and water for constipation but are now saying not to use it.

Yes, always given water in between feeds.
i bottle feed all my babes from birth and was never told to give water by any nursing staff/midwives etc and thid stems over a 12 year period, my mum however told me to give water, and i especially make sure i do in the summer months with the weather, if my bubs are constipated i just add a dash of prune juice to the water
Yes I was told as soon as I started bottle feeding DD that I must also give her cooled boiled water in between feeds. Both my parents and care nurse ensured this.

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

Hey B, I remember my CHN saying to give extra water if you are bottle feeding, but I can't say if they tell you at the hospital.
They really should though.
I have not had constipation problems with either of my dd's luckily. DD1 refused water until she was on solids DD2 had a bit of water here and there as a newborn but wasnt real interested until she started solids also. They only time i have had constipation problems was when i went from bf to formula but i guess thats normal as it takes time for the body to adjust.
I am going to sound like a dumb ass but I don't care.

As a BF mum - how would you feed with the water..

Like if bubs is 3 hourly formula feeding, do you give the water at one of the 3 hours instead of formula? How many do you give a day?
do you offer the same volume as you would formula? or a half formula feed, half water feed?
How do you know what to do when there is so much conflicting information?

formula feeding is too involved for me... much easier to whip out a boob!
Just offer 10mls or so in between feeds. the amount of water you offer depends on bubs age i guess. Like i said dd1 refused water until she was on solids so not all babies will take water and not all ff babies have constipation problems.
It is much easier IF you can feed and you don't have a condition that prevents you from doing so.

I just offered little bits inbetween feeds, not every feed but a couple of times a day. I would just let them drink it until they has enough.

With BF you don't need to offer water as the milk adjusts itself.
yes I was told and did. but I was also told to add an extra 10-15 mls of water to the formula to help prevent constipation my kids were not really constipated much just on the odd occasion so did the spoonful of brown sugar into water or formula

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Well i wasn't told by the hossy or MCN but my Nanna and Mum mentioned it! But i was breast feeding aswell, but when i stopped i never gave them much water. The were ok though. In saying that when Kaitlyn wakes from her nap i will give her some water to try!!LOL


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