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Avent Bottle Warmer - HELP!!! Lock Rss

Can anyone tell me how much water to put in the Avent bottle warmer when heating 240ml Avent bottles - I purchased an ex-demo bottle warmer from Avent at the baby expo and have just discovered there are no instructions in the box.

Brinlee Jane, NSW 2/8/05


I don't know why people would use these things as they take forever especially if you have a baby screaming for milk in the middle of the night.

But if you cana't find help then go to the supermarket and take an Avent product and look for the customer care number and ring and ask them. I am sure they can help.

When I was feeding my first in the night this is what I did (even for the day feeds as well). I would fill every bottle with a bit of cooled boiled water and then I would get a thermos and fill that with boiling water. When feed time came simply pour the hot water into one bottle with the cooled water until you have the right temperature and then add your formula. It takes less time than pre mixing a day's worth of feeds and EVERY feed is freshly done and the baby doesn't have to wait for the milk to heat up. Honestly it took me one minute to make up a feed.

Mum to Aidan 20 Jan 04 and Georgia 10 Nov 05

I still use boiling water in my warmer as it makes it heat quicker. Anyway, I add about 130-140ml of water and the warmer set on setting #3. It takes about 5mins to heat a bottle straight from the fridge or about 2-3mins for a room temp bottle. Basically make sure there is water all the way to the top but not enough to over flow. One thing to watch but, I found with mine, watch the water level as sometimes the water gets sucked up under the blue insert so isn't surrounding the bottle so isn't heating it. If this happens I just add more water to fill it back up. Hope I have helped smile
hi there
I purchased one if these on EBAY, I find it ok because I always used to over heat bubs bottles, I only give her 1 bottle a day of expressed milk, my partner uses it most of the time as I work 4 nights a week , but I think it only takes about 7-8mins from the fridge, I fill it right to the top just before it will overflow! the decription on the avent website said that using the bottle warmer you will never overheat again, but you still do, I dont think I would pay top dollar for them, not the best invention I dont think.
hope this helps

Kimberley - Tassie - Sophia 08/10/2006


I've got one that I leave at my mums place for when she baby sits.

Instructions for Use

1)For 125ml/4oz bottles, fill the warmer with water to just above the level of milk in the bottle.

2)For larger bottlrs, fill the warmer to 15mm 1/2 inch below the rim of the warmer.

3)Plug in the unit and switch on at the mains. Turn the dial to setting 3.

4) The light will illuminate to indicate the warmer is working.

5)When the water has reached the correct temperature, the light will come on and off to indicate that the water surrounding the bottle is being kept at a constat temperature.

Also the basket can be removed when heating the avent magic cup and other makes of bottles.

For De-scaling
Pour 50ml of white vinegar mixed with 100ml of cold water into the warmer (with basket in place). Allow to stand in the unit until any limescale has dissolved. Empty the until and rinse thoroughly.

I hope this helps you.

DS 13months

I gave up using the bottle warmer, instead a thermos of hot water, with bottles filled 20mls less than what was needed. I then topped up with the hot water when baby was hungry.
Less time taken to make the bottle and baby is not as grumpy...


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