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Messy Drinker Lock Rss


My daughter is 4 and a half months old but she was 3 months early so she should really be only 1 and a half months old. Siobhan is formula feeding as breastfeeding was not working for us. She is a very messy drinker, the milk dribbles out of her mouth and then she spits some out. It gets very frustrating so i take the bottle off her and then she cries becasue she wants more milk??? Has any body had this problem with their babies and is there a way to fix the sloppiness?? I am sure that half the milk ends up down the front of her clothes. I am using the avent teat with 1 hole.
Hi Nadene,

I didn't have this problem, however the only thing I can think that may be causing this is the teat you are using could be a fast flow teat. Check at your chemist, but there are 3 different sizes the holes come in....slow, medium & fast flow. If it's fast then your daughter may not be able to cope with the milk coming out so quickly, therefore spilling it everywhere. Perhaps you could buy one of each & give them a "test drive"!!!

Hope this has been of some help. Good luck.


Michelle - Mum to 2

Hi there,

Thanks for the info, i will go to the chemist today and ask. Any thing to save changing her clothes all the time smile


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