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My 7 week old was on s26-gold pretty much from the get go... oh the joys of not producing milk. yep thats right! not a drop! anywho we're having some problems with it and shes such a hungry baby that i got reccomended this one by a friend. has anyone had any experience with it? only problem with the s-26 is that it doesnt seem to fill her. shes taking about 200mls every 2 hours. driving me nuts!!!!!!!
I have used Heinz Nurture Gold for 3 children now (just starting using it for my twins as weening) and have had no problems. I have had problems with S26, doesnt mix well and constipated baby when made to directions. Your bubs might also be having her first growth spurt and thats why she is so hungry. Lasts about a week (- or+). Will she take a dummy to soothe the feeding. Or is she excessivley windy?
Good Luck
This too shall pass

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I used heinz for my first child didn't have any problems with it for my second bub now nearly 9months I top her up with Karicare Gold Plus as I don't produce enough milk for her. The joys of being a fulltime working single mum. All bubs have different tastes when it comes to formula you might have to experiment with different brands. Try ringing the manufactures as they will sometimes send you trial samples. Nutrica the makers of Karicare sent me out a full tin to try.
Goodluck hope this helps

I used Heinz Nurture for my DS and had no problems at all. Also a big plus is it is much cheaper the S26.
Hi everyone. I have four kiddies with one on the way and have tried the lot (after trying Breastfeeding). I found the Heinz Nurture the most easiest on their' tummies and nicest smelling. I also like the fact that it is made in Australia-not overseas like some others. I think the NZ Heinz is made in NZ. I remember checking a few years ago and one product was made in Singapore and other Countries. I thought- no way!

*I also must mention that never-ever go against the directions of the consistency of formula! (without trusted medical advice). Always put the correct amount of water, then the correct number of levelled scoops of powder. This can contribute to severe dehydration or malnutrition. Sorry to scare or offend but I am also a health professional and have seen the detrimental effects...

All good though...All formula is regulated and it's the formula that every individual bubba likes...
My baby is on Nurture gold it costs abit more but it seems to be good for my baby and helped alot with her bowels (as she was having problems going) I got told the goat milk formula is good, at $40 a tin! I found Nurture gold great tho.
I used this formula for both of my boys and it is awesome - other formulas just would not fill them, they were both so hungry and this formula meant that they would sleep for longer and were happy babies.
My DS is a big boy,big eater,in the 97th percentile for weight & 75th for length and he is on Heinz nuture Gold and doenst have a problem smile he likes it. just see how you go on,if it doenst work then try Karricare Gold,another good brand i used with my daughter
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