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I've breastfed my daughter for 11 months and have decided that I will stop when she turns one. At the moment she's only having three feeds per day. Ava is my first child and I'm wondering where to go from here??? Do I have to substitute the three feeds she currently having?? She's never had a bottle so preferably I don't want her to start now.
Some advice would be great.

Hi Avas-Mum

I'm going through the same thing at the moment. My son just turned 1 last week and over the past couple of months he's been taking less and less from me. He's still having 3 or 4 feeds per day but I don't think I have much milk left. I don't want him to have a bottle either and have been giving him water in a sipper cup - sometimes he'll drink a fair bit but usually he'll take a couple of sips and start shaking it around. As long as your baby is getting other dairy foods such as cheese and yoghurt etc and drinking enough fluids you shouldn't need to give 'milk feeds' from a bottle or otherwise. That's the advice the nurse gave me. The only trouble I'm having is getting my son to drink enough fluids. I've even tried giving him a bottle and diluted juice as a last resort but he wasn't interested anyway, water in a cup seems to be the most successful. Sorry this is so long winded. If anyone else has any suggestions on how to get my son to take more fluids I'd really appreciate it.

All the best
Jasmine smile

I'm going through the same problem. I have a 10month old and am getting ready to weane my daughter off the breast (completley unsuccessfully at the moment!!!) I have been to my nurse for advice on how to go about it as i also dont want to move onto a bottle. She told me to put a little bit of cows milk in a cup with some water so that she is still getting some nourishment and taste out of it. As they get more comfortable with this, you apparently slowly add more milk and less water so that they are used to the taste when you stop breast/formula feeding.

I think the aim of this is to slowly move them on to a new taste without them really realising what is going on!! and if you put it in a sipper cup they can still have some fun with it!

I haven't tried this yet so am not sure if it works but i thought i would share the advice i was given! Hope it is useful!!!
I wouldn't recommend a bottle. My daughter has been drinking her water from an Avent Magic Cup since she was 2 months old, and i have bought a different spout (slow flow and fast flow) as she grew older. I would recommend a nonspill cup such as this. My baby's 10 months old now, and my plan is to breastfeed until she's ready to give it up. I have never allowed a bottle, or dummy for that matter, near her mouth in the past and would strongly suggest you look at the different cups there are around. As I said, my baby's is a non spill Avent cup, so even when she does shake it around water doesn't go everywhere. Good luck with your decision.

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

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