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Doesn't want boob or bottle Rss

Has anyone got any ideas what i can do for my 4mth old son who doesn't want my boobs during the day ( will only go on for 1 min, each boob ), but refuses bottle with breast milk / formula as well. Urine very smelly - im guessing he's dehydrated!!! Won't have boiled water either? Any suggestions considering he is so young. Can't get into my lactation consultant for over 2 weeks.

Kelly, NSW, 4mth baby

Hey Tom's mum - I have just come out of exactly the same problem! (refer entry under yours for Help wont wean and wont take breast) - I bit the bullet and introduced solids early because there was no other way of getting fluids down his throat - I just stuffed Zaccy full of fruit gels from the babyfood section of supermarket (just fruit juice/water/gelatine) and yoghurt and pureed apples and mixed them with a little bit rice cereal and formula and spoon fed him. other ideas are syringing boiled water (Zaccy hated water too so i ended up mixing apple & pear juice with water and trying to get him to sip it from a sippy cup - finally found the Tommy Tippee cup with the fold down sipper the best) and he would take one drop at a time but it was all fluid. Yogurts and fruits and stuff count as fluid with Drs and stuff. Good luck.

Emma, 9 month old son Isaac

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