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nipple biting Rss

My baby is 15 weeks old (Callum) and this week has begun biting my nipples in what seems to be in frustration.... I don't know if he is getting lazy and does not want to keep sucking to get the hind milk, and of course once he bites me I take him off the boob. So he will be sucking away and the he will push his hand into my boob at the same time he pulls his head back with his hard little gums squishing my poor nipple like a pancake until he pulls his head back far enough that my nipple slides out of his mouth!...
Did anyone else experience this lovely feeling??
Sore boobies! Don't know how to keep him sucking have tried the tricks I was told in baby class - tickling and talking etc (to keep them awake)

Tam, Qld

hi tam06, OUCH!
sounds painful!
have you considered speaking to a breastfeeding counsellor about this? you can contact one at
there could be many reasons behind this and she would be able to go into much more detail about your situation.

do you think he may have just had enough and is playing with the nipple? as babies grow thay can become quite efficient at milking the breast and feeds that may have taken 40-60min can be much quicker . you may find that some feeds are longer and some are shorter, so he will get some lovely long comfort sucking and hindmilk at some feeds and may just be having a quick drink or snack at other times? hope it passes quickly for you

mum of 3 girls

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