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Hi everyone,

I don't know how useful this will be to anyone, but i thought i'd let people know anyhow.After my daughter (who is now 4 months) was born i got what i thought at the time to be lifesaving advice from the nurse at the Childhood Centre. I always thought i would breastfeed, and when i couldnt i was completely un prepared for the whole formula thing. Here was her advice:

1. S26 & S26 GOLD - There is no difference between these 2 at all except for one or two minerals/vitamins that are totally un-necessary. It is all a marketing thing. Chuck in an extra something hike the price up.

2. S-26 Stage 1, S-26 Stage 2 etc - Again the only difference between these is a couple of extra bits of iron as they grow older, but by the time you need the next stage (usually around 4-6 months) they are starting solids anyhow so they are drawing iron/vitamins/minerals out of their food so it's okay to actually stick with the stage 1 until they are 12 months and on cows milk -- BIG SAVINGS!

3. Formula can be stored for up to 4 hours un-refridgerated (out of direct sunlight etc) after being made in a bottle. The babies are completely okay to drink the formula straight from the bottle within this 4 hours, without needing to heat it up. I always thought you needed to heat up bubba's bottles, and being a summer baby this was making me feel guilty cos she was having hot drink in hot weather. When i was told this life was much easier, and still is. All i do now is make up the bottles of cooled boiled water, put the right amount of formula in the container and tip the formula in the bottle when she is ready for one (of course on cold days i will heat it up for her-just being nice haha!). It also makes going out easier, no need to run around looking for hot water, or stove top to heat up bubs bottles. just grab the bottle out of the bag, tip in formula, shake and there you go! smile

I'm not sure if these principles apply for all formula's or just S26 but its definately worth asking the midwife or early childhood nurse about when you next see her! Anything to make life a bit easier and give us time to spend with bubs is a bonus!

Mumma of 2


spot on about points 1 and 2. About keeping the formula for 4 hours I wouldn't do that. Once you ix it you should really use it within 1 hour or if in fridge then 24 hours. As for heating on cold days, just keep cooled water in all your bottles. When you need them just pour some hot boiling water in them to the right temp and mix formula. If you want to be super quick keep a thermos of hot water handy.

My son was on s 26 and my MCHN said all formulas are almost the same. Marketing them decides how much they cost. DS was on s26 for 11 mths. S26 progress just has a bit more of a filler in it to keep them full for longer.

Mum to Aidan 20 Jan 04 and Georgia 10 Nov 05

I used formula for my first (S26 Gold) and now my second bub (Heinz). I've always made my bottles up for the day - water with formula and kept in the fridge. I microwave them to heat them up and never had any problem with this. I've also always given them bottles around room temp or a bit cooler and once again never any problem. Saves heaps of time.
Just a note re point 1, S-26 and S-26 GOLD do only differ by a few ingredients, but the ones in S-26 GOLD are long chain polyunsaturates which include things like Omega 3.

I have a 9 month old who has just weaned herself after being breast fed previously and was also asking why spend the extra money on the GOLD, but after researching via the Internet the added ingredients (AA and DHA) referred on the tin, I am happy to spend the extra money.

hello mums

in relations to the formula theories, i was told by my paed. that pre pared formula can be stored at the back of the fridge for no more then 24hrs, and if its going to be left outside it must be very cold and kept in an insulated pack.

my bub enjoys her milk really warm so i keep warm water in a thermos and make up as required.
hope this helps

I used S26 for my son, but Karicare for my daughter. The prinicals you described are the same for both. The only additional advice that I recieved from my GP etc is that once you start on a brand you should stick with it and if you need to change to a specialised formula such as AR try and stay within that brand. The only reason for this is that it is easier on the baby for consistency of taste as they are quite different.

Obviously if your child needs to change brands due to constipation etc that is different.

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