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Wont take expressed milk from a bottle Rss

Hi, I have started to try and give expressed breast milk to my nearly 4 month old son as I am going out and will need some one to feed him. I have tried a few times and have tried a couple of different teats but he gets really upset each time and wont drink. Any suggestions?

I hope someone can help!

No personal experience but A friend told me the bub can smell the milk on you and wont take a bottle. Try to get someone else (partner friend ect) to feed him. Hopefully once he is used to the bottle you will be able to do it. Good Luck.

Hi Jodi,
My baby is almost 16 weeks... I started him on bottle just last week... it took me a little while - lots of patients!!
What i did was feed him a bit from the boob so that he was not screaming in hunger then switched to the bottle half way through.... i really had to push the teat all the way into his mouth and stroke his cheek at the same time... it took a couple of goes.. but now he takes the bottle no worries at all - even with formula and water on its own!!
Good luck Jodi, persever you will get there

Tam, Qld

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