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Morning and night breast feed only Lock Rss

Hey there. Was wondering if there were many mums only giving their bubs one morning and one night time breast feed. I've weaned DD down to three feeds and hopefully within the next fortnight will have her down to just the two. I've had a few mums say they continued the two until their babies were about 18 months old. They are DD's biggest feeds and no hassle for me to continue. Just wondered if you had any hints or tips, or advice as to what its like - supply etc.


DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

me too as i would like to give good feeds morning and night but don't know if my body will produce enough 12 hourly, my daughter, Zoe is 6 1/2 months and is happy to feed from me, bottle(expressed or formula or juice), meals and biscuits it doesn't matter but would I like to do morning and night for at least another 2 to 3 months
Any tips would help as i have forgotten from the other 2 girls.

daughters, 24/5/00, 30/5/02, 6/9/05 brisbane

My 11 month old has been breast fed only at morning and night for about 3 months now because he has a bottle at lunch time, and my supply has been fine.
Hey there Kazu,
Your milk supply will just adjust to it as it gets used to only those feeds, my sister did this and then she put her down to justa noght feed, your milk just adjusts itself!!!
As for getting DS used to it i can't help you cos i haven't had to do it!!!

Hope you're on messanger soon, will email you tomorrow if i don't tonight!!!

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe

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