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My daughter Ava is 1 in two weeks and has been solely breast fed up until now. I really want to stop feeding her myself but don't want to give her a bottle. I've spoken to my health nurse and she says in order for me to stop feeding her Ava has to be consuming 600ml of milk per day.
My problem is i've tried replacing one of her feeds three feeds with cows milk from a sipper cup but she's only drinking between 60-80ml. I've tried her with vanila s26 but she doesn't seem to want much more of that either???
I give her 200ml of cows milk on her breakfast but that still leaves me 400ml short of her daily requirement.
Any ideas or advice would be much appreciated.
Hi Ava's Mum

This is just a suggestion as I haven't actually been in this situation...

What about if you offer other fluids ie water etc as well as the milk and give her other sources of calcium such as cheese and yoghurt etc. I am not sure if this is allowed but maybe you could ask your health nurse about it.


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Hi Sian

I'm going through the same thing at the moment. I spoke to our child health nurse last week as my son will only drink water and she said as long as he is having other sources of dairy - cheese and yoghurt etc, he doesn't need to drink a lot of milk. She said just to offer some milk everyday after lunch but not to stress about it. Since then I've dropped his after lunch breastfeed and he has been drinking a lot more water - before he was only drinking about 60mls of water per day and now he has about 250mls and 2 breastfeeds. Everyday he's drinking more and more water but no milk yet. I've found that if I just persevere my son usually gets the hang of it. The reason I went to see the nurse was because he wasn't drinking much and the next day he drank his whole cup (120mls) of water in one go - I don't know why, maybe I was a bit more relaxed.

All the best
Hi Sian,

I am not much help, Georgia is 11 months now (wow how quick she has grown) and is only interested in her morning and evening breastfeeds now. Thanks or your question tho, you answered a few questions for me regarding what your HCN mentioned to you.

Hi Jas you also may have saved me a trip to my HCN!!! I give Georgia water, as I was not sure if I should be offering breast and cows milk, or just one or the other.

Can't believe we are nearing the end of breast feeding, I used to have so many questions about it, now unsure how it all ends. It is exciting watching our little babies turn into little mobile toddlers isn't it?

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