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keeping expressed breast milk warm for outings Lock Rss

HI all
I was wondering how you keep expressed bmilk warm when going out? Or how you warm it up when you're out if you don't have access to hot water, ie the shops. I bought these heat pads from ebay which says you can use it to warm up bottles. But is that for formula only or can i use it for bmilk as well? Thanks

DD 18 months

Hi Naughty Smurf,

I heat the ebm up before i go out and i make it hotter than Seth needs as it will cool down over time and put it into a bottle warmer, but you might find bub doesn't mind luke warm or cool milk, Seth doesn't seem to care as long as it is milk and he is getting fed. He had to have practialy cold milk last week while i was at the hospital with mum while she was getting tests done, we were there for about 6hrs so by the time seth had his second bottle it was practialy cold but he still drank it. You could also take a flask of hot water with you and a cup to heat the ebm up, it is more to carry but atleast you know the milk will be warm when it is time for a feed.

Setharoo our little monkey


I bought a portable bottle warmer off ebay. It looks like a heat pack and you just click this disc in it and it heats up and gently warms the EBM. I had to start doing this as my DSS won't BF in public for some reason...too many distractions I think and my boob won't stretch. We also went through a period of him not BF due to his silent reflux so I was expressing all the time and needed to have something to warm it when out.

here is the link to ebay and the warmers that I bought:


Mum to Mitchell 25/01/04 and Lachlan 21/09/05

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