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Just starting he constipated? Rss

Hi Everyone!

*I feel like I post a stupid question every day but being a first time mummy I am existing on trial and error at this stage! So here goes, I have just introduced formula sucessfully to my 5.5 mnth old boy. He loves it (i think)and drinks 2 bottles per day each 200mls (and breastfed for other feeds). After his 9am nap this morning he was quite cranky, didnt want to lie down or play and when I went to change him he sort of arched his back, tucked his chin under and looked like he was holding his breath? Do you think he might be straining to do a poo? he is usually very regular. There is no poo yet today and usually there would have been??

Hi Natalie
Think i'm kind of going through the same thing. My DD is 5 months old today and introduced formula about 4 days ago. She has 2 bottles of 180mls and still breastfed the other feeds. She has been going through stages where she stiffens her body with both arms in the air and legs tucked up and pushes and strains. I also think this is constipation because when she finally does a poo it's much thicker than normal and boy does it stink. I have read heaps that this is normal as their little bodies get used to something different. It probably doesn't help that we are experimenting with solids too. Just 1 meal every 2 days of farex with fruit.

Welcome to world of formula and solids!!!

Emily 25/10/05

Hi everyone I havent started on daugther on formula yet but she have 3 meals aday with soilds and breast milk and what did you guys do when you started your little ones on the formula?

Did you take one of their breastfeeds away and add a formula instead. I know when I give my daughter things that dont agree with her body she gots all red and the face and hold her breath for abit and thats when she tires to do a poo. It sounds like they all get abit constipated sometimes.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

i'd say it was just his bowels getting used to something other than "mummys goodies"
my little lady did this for a little while,watch out as formular poo stinks, also just watch your milk supply as i stared mixing formular and breastfeeds and i lots my milk???

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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