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ibuprofen while breastfeeding Lock Rss

does anyone have a definitive answer on this? there is a lot of conflicting advice. i've hurt my back and panadol isn't having any affect and today i can hardly walk. my baby is 10 months old.

Hey there smile
I honestly cannot remember! Have you tried the maternal health line?? Or even the pharmacy at your old work?? Sorry I'm not much help. I have a feeling it's ok, but I don't want you to quote me on it!!

Hi, I've been after pain relief for wisdom teeth and panadol wasn't doing it, so the dr said I can safely bf with panadeine and that's been helping. Not sure about ibuprofen though because I can't use that normally anyway
I had an irritated nerve root for the first 4 months of baby's life, and took neurophen every 6 hours for nearly the whole time. It does go through in small amounts, but not enough to harm bub, and has no effect on your milk. i checked with a pharmacist at the time and he printed something out for me. Pharmacists are the best people to ask about anything like this.

Hope your back improves.

thanks girls. went onto nurofen and back much improved after 5 days of it. no signs of any issues with DD.

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