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how many feeds per day should my baby have?? Lock Rss

my little girl is almost 5mths she is totally breast feed but im not sure how many feeds a day she should be having??? can any one help?
hi, i'm not sure what the recommended number of feeds is because i have always just followed my babies lead. most people call this feeding on demand, but i prefer to call it cue feeding as i look for my babies cues to know when she is hungry or thirsty.

breastfeeding is a great system because it works on supply and demand so how often you feed your baby will regulate how much milk you need to produce. if you feed your baby when she seems hungry or thirsty or even just for a comfort or a cuddle, you will probably find she is getting plenty of milk.

it sounds like you are concerned about whethter she's getting enough milk. is she healthy looking and growing well? is she well hydrated so her nappies are wet often and her bowel motions are soft? is she reasonably happy? if so then she probably is getting enough.

happy mothering

mum of 3 girls

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