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Breast feeding pillow - which one? Rss

Hi All,
I am after some advice. My friend is having some difficulty with postioning her bubs while breastfeeding. I am going to buy her a feeding pillow. I am just after some advice in which one to buy. For those that have bought one which one did you choose and why? I want to get one tat will suit her needs so am after any feedback I can get.

Thanks in advance


has she tried just a regular pillow? Or sitting in a dning chair rather than a sofa (or the other way round) how old is her baby?
I had a bit of trub positioning Bennett at first but then I just used my home pillow and then slowly didn't need anything at all.....

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy


I also used a regular pillow until Ashlee was about 4 months old. I was actually given a breastfeeding pillow and found it to be too stiff and uncomfortable. A regular pillow is soft and comfy and you can mould it to however you like.


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A friend of mine used a pillow called "Milkbar" although it is quite expensive at $75.00. She said it was great for getting into the correct position...! However, she only ended up using it for the first few months. I have had a quick look on ebay and there are a few breastfeeding pillows available if you are concerned about the cost - that might be an option.

I was considering buying one but tried a regular bed pillow which was worked fantastic (and cost nothing) for the first 3 months.

Good luck!

Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

I have always used a v-shaped pillow, which I have always slept on anyway! Sometimes they're called boomerang pillows. They can be bought for about $10 most places. I'm sure they do the same job. I even took mine to hospital with me when I had my babies 'cause I couldn't sleep without it! It fits around your body just right for feeding and you can add another pillow under it to raise it to the right height.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!


You said it all for me! I used these pillows too, they are great to reposition for bubs and I also added a pillow underneath when they were little.

If you are looking for a presant idea, there are some great covers for them too!


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I brought a breastfeeding pillow which I never used! Like Nyrrek and Tepe I used a V shaped pillow (A tri pillow) and found that this worked wonders! As for my breast feeding pillow? Well it is now used to make sure that one of my twins who is still a little wobbly when sitting doesnt fall backwards!

Good luck!
I started using a u pillow, but found it difficult to use.. so I tried a zoo pillow and it has been fantastic. I still use it now to feed my baby boy who just turned 9 months. I think the ABA has a bfing pillow aswell u could try.
Good luck.

SA, 2 boys

Like Tweetybird said, the u-pillow didn't suit her and she found one that did. Maybe you could give your friend a voucher to the store where breastfeeding pillows are available and tell her to choose one that 'fits'. Make sure she knows that that is what the voucher is for, or alternatively, take her with you to choose one!? A bit of a tricky one, hey! All the best..

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

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