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Soy formula? Lock Rss

I've been giving my daughter one bottle a day, just to get her used to it. I'm not sure what formula I should be giving her, as I don't want to give her cow's milk. My husband and I are both lactose intolerant, and thought she would be similarly affected.

The baby nurse gave me some de-lact samples (cow's milk without lactose), but I gave her some and she came out in hives! They were just on her face and faded after a few hours, but I freaked out nevertheless and threw the rest of the samples in the bin.

My friend, who studied nutrition, said that soy formula was bad and that I should give her goat's milk, but I discovered goat's milk has lactose in it and is very similar to cow's milk. I've done heaps of research on the internet, but still am in a dilemma.

I wanted to wean her off the breast and onto the bottle, but now think I'll have to continue BF for much longer than I anticipated. (NB I find expressing milk is a huge pain)

I am currently giving her Karicare soy formula, which seems to be fine, but wonder if there's a better soy formula. Does anyone recommend anything different or have any suggestions?

Tamara & Willow (7.10.05) QLD

i gave all my kids Prosobee soy formula but when my last baby was born they took it off the shelves at the supermarket. you may be able to get it at the chemist, i know my mum had my sister on it (38 years ago) and it was only available from the chemist also. I did try the Infasoy brand with my last bub but it just gave him the runs, i didn't think it was any good. Karicare seems to be a good formula all round so if your happy i'd stick to it.

My doc says all three are all the same, if you have an allergy to one you are more than likely to have an allergy to the other BUT having said that some babies can tollerate soy and not goats and vice versa, My DD can tolerate Goats milk but not soy.

I would take your DD to the docs and get them to do a skin prick test and that will tell what bubs is allergic to, luckly my DD has only a mild case of allergy to soy and cows milk doc reckons she will grow out of it by the time she is two but we dont have any soy or cows milk allergy in our family history (yep i have allergies but none to cow's or soy). Hopefully the doc can tell about the lactose too.

Hope you sort this out for you DD's sake and your own.

Robyn Cody May 03 and Marli June 05

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