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Stopping Breastfeeding? Lock Rss

Okay, I know this is the wrong section, but I'm not sure which is the right section and sorry probably tmi anyway I went to see my GP today because my husband pointed out yesterday that my breasts looked different to each other, one being slightly larger and the aeola (sp? coloured part around the nipple) was a bit scabby, and he, being male, is concerned about my assets.

Anyway my GP said I probably had an infection and has given me antibiotics, and I also asked for another prescription for the pill (contraceptive), which he gave me, but he also told me I should stop breastfeeding as there isn't much point anymore.

Baby is almost 6 months, he's also on solids and I do give him formula too, but there is something special about breastfeeding and I don't want to stop even if its just morning and evening quite yet.

I disagree with him. Mostly just venting but what do you think?
Your Dr sounds like an idiot. Breastfeeding has benefits for as long as you choose to feed even if you only feed a couple of times a day. Grrrr stupid doctors that have no clue what they are on about. Is the antibiotic that he prescribed compatible with breastfeeding?
Yes keep going if you want to! The time they are that little goes too quickly, make the most of it.

Did he say stop because you will be on antibiotics, and they might go into your milk? Also are you on the mini pill? That might be another reason he said it cos your not supposed to breastfeed while on the regular one.

I don't think you should stop breastfeeding if you don't want to.

I'm still feeding my 20 month old, and even if there is no longer nutritional value, there's a lot of emotional value for both of us.

Don't feel pressured to stop.
shoot the bastard

whta an idiot

there is nutritional value in breastffeding until 2 yo and then there are still other benefits. Theaverage age of a breastfed child in the world is 4 and in some countries they feed until 7yo

get a new doctor i reckon
Did he have a degree on his wall? Was it cut out from the back of a cornflake box? I thinks that's a pretty uneducated remark and he obviusly missed the block where it teaches them about breastmilk and lactating mothers.

You feed until you and your baby are ready to give it up.
Check this link out on the benefits of breastfeed beyond 6 months.

Don't give up just some stupid GP told you to, wait until you and bubs are ready for it.

Do you have any others signs of infection? Is your breast hot, painful, do you have a fever? If not I would not be taking the antibiotics.
No woman's breast are the same size it is quite normal that they are uneven and given that you are BF it can make the size difference more noticeable especially if bubs is feeding from one side more.

i was watching 9am with David and kim a few weeks ago and they had an expert from canberrra on talking about misconceptions that doctors have about breastfeeding. they don't learn about the benefits very much unless they specialise. Dodgy.\
no wonder so many women are not supported to breastfeed in australia. our own health professionals have got no idea. i wish i lived in norway
[Edited on 20/04/2009]
The World Health Organisation reccommends breast feeding untill 2 adn beyond.

Only stop if you or your baby want to.
I say trust your instincts. Breastfeeding is much better than formula. I would keep breastfeeding for as long as you want to.

Okay, so I googled the antibiotics that I was given and found this:

"Trace quantities of flucloxacillin are excreted in breast milk. Flucloxacillin may be administered during the period of lactation. With the exception of the risk of sensitization, there are no detrimental effects for the breastfed infant."

and the other medication (an antihistamine) I got:

"The safe use of APO-CETIRIZINE during pregnancy or lactation has not been established and therefore the compound should only be used if the potential benefit outweighs the potential risk to the fetus or the infant. Since APO-CETIRIZINE is excreted in breast milk and because of the increased risk of antihistamines for infants, particularly newborns and premature infants, a decision should be made whether to discontinue nursing or discontinue APO-CETIRIZINE use."

So I think I won't take this one.

And I'm taking the mini-pill and thought that this was correct since I'm still breastfeeding. Thanks for your advice though.
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