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My four month old was fighting me on every feed, three sucks and screaming in what seamed like pain and never finishing his bottle, unsettled whilst playing and would only sleep about 1.5hours broken sleep per day. We obviously thought it was reflux but none of the medication or props were working so the other day I changed his number 2 avent teat to a multiflow (at the number two notch), and he now is drinking his bottle happily and quickly and finishing every drop. My question is why is the multiflow number two teat faster than the normal number two teat and should I now go out and buy all multiflows or try a number three teat? Really need some advice as I would like to go and get them this afternoon - have been sterilising the one teat I have after each feed. Cheers Katie

Christopher 08/10/05 William 30/12/08

i'm having the same issue, my DS is on the number 2 avent teats and is fighting with me. and NEVER finishes his formula. i didn't know there was a multi flow number 2??? i too was thinking about getting the number 3. how funny too my son was born 7/10.05 and my new son 7/1/09, seems like we planned around the same time. let me know what you get i'm thinking i might get the multiflow
Sorry I may have confused you, or it may be me hehe, the multiflow teats have three flows you point the number at bubs nose that you want so for eg. William has the two strokes pointing towards his nose. I think I might get the multiflow teats unless anyone knows if the number three teat is around the same flow as the number two on the multiflow??

Christopher 08/10/05 William 30/12/08

Actually, the "multiflow" ones are designed for thicker liquids. This is due to the fact that in other countries (for example Germany, Switzerland) people feed babies with thickened formula for the last feed of the day (hoping for a better night) and also use them for feeding soups.
Anyway, this is not really important here. Back to your question: the "multiflow" lets more liquid through at a time the the normal teats. As a result it is someweher between a teat number 3 or 4 in my experince (I read in another forum that it is quicker then a teat number 4, but that seems a bit exagerated to me).
I hope that helps.
i bought the number 3 teat today i did check out the multiflow and yes it is for thicker formula. but if it works stick with it i say. the number 3 teat was flowing much faster but he still fights with it after burping, so i will just have to let him guzzle for a while then burp him, he'll probably be sick but i can't think of any other way to get his formula into him without him fussing all the time.
My 3 month old boy has been on a number 3 avent teat since he was 7 weeks old, he would take an hour to drink 120 mls and just never seemed to be settled, so I thought I would change to a number 3 teat to see if it made a difference and boy did it!!! He now drinks 180 mls in 20 mins and is the most contented baby, hes not getting wind because hes not sucking so hard and he is fully content after he feeds, i just burp him half way through. Why dont you buy a number 3 teat and see how you go and then make your decision.

My 4mth old has a thickner in his formula and i bought the size 4....sometimes he fights with it cos it doesnt come out fast enough. But i find if I loosen the lid so it is just on he doesnt have a problem at all.
So check how tight you are putting the lid on. If you loosen the lid it may help come out faster.
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