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Avent Breast Pump - Sterelizing! Help Lock Rss

Hi, i have just bought an Avent Manual Breast Pump for occasional use so wasn't going to bother buying a steam/microwave sterilizer and just sterilize by boiling in water all the parts for 5 mins as instructed in the leaflet.

My question i boil ALL parts.... including the handle & little white Valve thing?? I know the valve comes into contact with the milk, so i assumed this would need to be sterilsed but i wasn't sure about the handle. I thought i better check as i dont want to melt it!

Also, once the parts are sterilised do i put the pump together wet or do i dry it with something???

I know these probably sound like stupid questions but i dont want to get it wrong!

Any advice??

Hi, I also have an Avent Breast Pump and I used a Sterilizer for all parts except the handle. I would just wash this. I had a container with a shelf sort of thing in it so I would put all the parts in there on the shelf (so the water could drip away and not have the parts sit it in) and let them dry in that.
Hi there,
It's not necessary to boil at all. Just wash in hot water with soap, then rinse well under HOT tap water, then leave to air dry (on a clean paper towel) This is what they did at the hospital where my kids were born and they told me boiling, milton etc wasn't necessary.

From everything I have been told and read you should sterilise 'bottle bits 'until bub is 12 months old so I am following that advice. With my pump I sterilised the valve and it was fine. Not the handle though because it didn't come into contact with the milk. I would put mine together still wet because I used mine very frequently (for all 6 feeds because we were having BF problems). If it was for accasional use I would have either air-dried the parts on a dishrack or wiped with a newly washed tea towel.

If its just breast milk coming in contact with it (which i assume it is, being a breast pump!) then you dont need to sterilise, as another person posted wash in hot soapy water rinse well and let air dry.

You only need to sterilise bottles etc that are used for formula feeding.

Posted by: ~Ruby~Gloom~
It's not necessary to boil at all. Just wash in hot water with soap, then rinse well under HOT tap water

This is what i used to do too except I used to put mine back together when wet and put it in the fridge.

I have never boiled my bottles or breastpump or used milton or a microwave sterilizer as I told it wasnt necessary and I have never had any problems.

ETA- I now formula feed and dont sterilize, I still just wash the bottles in hot soapy water.
[Edited on 08/05/2009]

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