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8 months still having a bottle at night?? Lock Rss

Hi my DS is soon to be 8 months old. He has been bottle fed since 1 month of age and has always woken up for a bottle at night. Im just not sure he needs it now, he is nearly 12 kg - yes a big boy I know!! He is having 3 solid meals a day and 3 bottles. So nutritionaly I dont think he needs it and was just wondering do babies wake up for a bottle out of habit or does he still need it? Any ideas or similar experiences would be great.
I had the same problem with my first son. You are right, at 12kgs and three solid meals plus 3 bottles he dosnt need it. So he is waking out of habit and while ever you offer the bottle to him he will take it, not out of hunger but as a comfort/resettling tool. To start this you need to be convinced in your own mind that he can get by without the bottle at night, maybe book into your child health nurse and have her reassure you that he will be fine without the night bottle, that way when you start to wean him from the night bottle you wont be tempted to think, "What if he's hungry". There are two ways I know of that you can approach it, firstly you could only offer him a small amount at the night bottle and slowly reduce it over a few weeks, i didnt find that method very successful as the problem still remained that my DS needed something to resettle himself during the middle of the night instead of teaching him he didnt need anything to get back off to sleep, although it may work for you. The method i found worked was to just resettle with very little eye contact and a Shhhhhh and pat when he woke and left the room as soon as he quietened. I also listened to his cry before i bounced out of bed to resettle him as sometimes he would settle himself back off to sleep, your DS may respond very well or he may chuck a paddy for a few nights, thats where you being convinced its ok will come in as it will be easier to deal with if you are comfortable with your decision. All of this is based only on my opinion and experience, all babys are different and some require a little more work than others, but your his mum and you know whats best for your son so just trust your decision and good luck. Let us know how you go.

Christopher 08/10/05 William 30/12/08

Just so you know, my DS is 9.5months & he will still wake for a bottle!! I do not believe there is a magic age or weight that babies get to & then suddenly stop needing bottles. There are so many different reasons they might be hungry overnight. I know that even I get hungry overnight!! Why should babies be any different?? These bubbies don't read all the books, so they just go by what they need. I will always try to settle my DS without a bottle, but generally if he's hard to settle, or wakes again after 45mins (one sleep cycle) it generally means he's hungry. I don't have issues with him having an extra bottle. Almost every time he will finish his bottle & I know my boy wouldn't if he didn't want it!! Besides, I'm a firm believer in getting them back to sleep as quick as possible in the middle of the night & if that means a be it!! Whatever is easiest & nicest for them & me!! My boy certainly does not rely on a bottle to get him back to sleep & can resettle on his own just fine. I don't necessarily believe the hype & issues that people say come with giving your baby a bottle overnight or to help them to settle. But, as a PP mentioned - you know your baby best. Good luck smile

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