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Hi, i have a ds who wakes twice a night and skulls down 200 ml each night (he is curr on nan 2ha) today when i was at the chemist i saw Novolac Sweet dreams, claims it sits in babies stomach for longer making them more full. has anyone tried this formula
Also if so how do you make it up so its ready to go middle of the night.. DS hnever gets constipated and is also on 3 solids a day. just his night sleep he seems to drink a lot. Hope this makes a little difference .. thanks
i haven't uesed the sweetdreams one...altho i know many girls who have and love it! i have used the consipation one and it was great! you can keep made bottles for 24hours, as long as you keep the bottle cap on! just make up the bottle before you go to bed and put it in the fridge, heat in the microwave without the cap and teat, times vary, but just do 10sec at a time, until its the temp you want, or if you don't have a microwave you can sit the bottle in hot water till it's the right temp.
it really is just like normal formula interms of making it and storing it smile hope that helped!

i think this formula needs to be made and fed to them straight away as its thicker and also i think u need to use a larger teat. how old is ur bubba? i tried it with DS1 and didnt find any difference in feeding times but he got a bit chucky on it and unsettled so only used it for a few days. i find karicare gold plus best for me... my son wakes twice a night but for his age i think thats fine

i found this formula really good, it was the first i used straight from bf and it did make her a little constipated until she adjusted to it.

However i then found SMA, its made by the wyeth company that does the S26 and works to keep them fuller for longer like the novolac but is only $13 a tin!! she loves it and sleeps much better and is much more settled

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