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night feeds... when did your bub stop?? Lock Rss

my 10.5 month old is still waking at midnight for a feed. he is feed a combination of both breast and formula as he is a real mr independent and seems so happy at himself for being able to feed himself, and dad feels more useful being able to give bottles now.

Anyway he is still waking at 12, i know it is purly for comfort as if i get up he latches onto my breast for all of 1 min before hes out cold, if dad gets up fast enough hell only drink 10-50 ml of a bottle, however if either of us take to long to get to him, and he gets worked up hell drink alot more around the 150ml!!

for the last few nights weve tryd to not feed him, and just give him a cuddle instead, but he jsut wont have a bar of it, and screamed at us for over and hour untill we gave up and got him a bottle!!
it seems the easiest way really to just give him a feed, as he goes down at 8 easy, and wakes only at 12 feeds then down till 6 another 150ml then wakes at 8am for breakfast. so i know i dotn have it to bad compared to some of you out there.

But was wondering if there are many of you out there still getting up to your 10 month old, and when did they stop wakeing for that feed at night??
I had the same problem. My son slept from 7pm to 6am from around 4 months old, but always woke for this one feed (at 3am for him). I finally gave it up when he was 13months old. I had to let he scream, unfortunately, and the first night was terribly long. From day 2 on things were much better. However he started to get up at 5am and I'm still convinced it is because we don't do the bottle anymore... I'm not really helpful, sorry.
DD1 was about 8 months.

DD2 is 4 months and is down by 7pm, dreamfeed at 10pm, wakes between 3 and 4am for a feed and back to bed till 7am.

I'd try altering bed time to make it by 7pm - there's something about their sleep cycles and if you go later they dont sleep properly and wake throughout the night. We do a last feed at 6.30pm and then bed by 7pm. That and feed him up during the day so he's not hungry at night (solids and milk).
DD is 17 months and still waking for night feeds sad
My DS is 10months & definately showing no signs of stopping his night feeds yet!! He'll still take one overnight, though very occasionally, usually at the time of a growth spurt he'll still have 3!! This is despite having 3 solids meals & 2 snacks every day!! I don't care if he doesn't "need" it - I'm a firm believer in getting bubby & me back to sleep as quickly as possible, so I just do it!! Ashlee's mummy makes me feel a bit scared though!! Still, I love those nighttime feeds - they are so sleepy & cuddly then!! wink

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