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Don't you feed your baby? Lock Rss

My little one is now 3months and 1 day old - her birth weight was 3.035kg and last time she was weighted she was 4.6kg - despite her weight gain I am forever being told that my baby is too small and that I don't feed her.

In addition to this little Mary Annalee is at the stage where she is exploring and, therefore, puts her hands in her mouth all the time - so I also get comments like, "she is hungry. why dont you feed her" etc etc

So I have decided that next time someone tells me "your baby is hungry, why dont you feed her?" My reply will be: "yes, you're right! Do you have anything I can feed her?"

just had to get that off my chest!! can anyone else relate to my comments???

Mary Annalee & Daniella Jane are so cute!

DD was 5.1kg at 3 months - just had a look in my blue book as she was little until 6 months - when she chubbed up big time. That is total BS that people make stupid comments like that. I think it would be priceless to see some-ones reaction if you responded with 'Nah, can't afford food - can you spare a few bucks' - LOL. As DD was wrapped up for the first 3-4 months (over winter) no one really knew she was little. She had a massive head, so most people would comment on that - not noticing the rest - LOL. I'm sure in no time your bub will start chubbing up and look like the Puffin Donut Man from Ghost Busters - LOL

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

i get the opposite comment! my DS was born at 4.6 kgs and today was weighed again at 4 1/2 weeks and weighs 5.85kgs. he is in 000's!! i am always getting the "isnt he big" comment and "did you have gestational diabetes". whatever shape or size, we love them all the same whether we dont feed them or over feed them...(hehehe)

hi there
i got excatly the same
my boys birth weight was 3.48kg, & at 3 mths is was 5.44kg.
going by the percentile lines at the clinic he was "underweight" as he is quite tall he was quite skinny.
one health nurse actually told me i was "neglecting" him and that i should "force" him to drink milk.
umm excuse me but how do u "force" a baby to drink!!! i was sick of being told my bub is "underweight" and "not thriving"
i was paranoid about his feeding for ages until i figured out, hey hes happy, hes healthy, he's growing.... who cares!!! my boy always looked skinny & scrawny, but he was happy.
he is now 9mths and weighs 8,5kg, he has now filled out and doesn't look littel anymore. so i wouldn't worry what other ppl think, as long as u can see your bub is happy, healthy and growing, thats all that matters!!!

hope this helps u out.
take care
I can totally relate, not on the size thing but just any general comment. There you are happily doing your thing with your beautiful bubs and along comes someone to put you both down.
"my babies never had that much wind"
"I hope he's warm enough in that"
"I think he's eaten too much"
" What a big forehead he has"
Blah blah blah
you get the picture......
for some reason people love to think that they know better than YOU about YOUR baby.
I think the asking for a few dollars/some food would be a scream if you can keep a straight face!
Let us know if you do!!
Yes my MIL really did tell me my baby farts more than any of hers did!lol

Jen and 13mth Harvey


I've had these types of comments for almost the past 3 years. My son was just over 3.8kg at birth, but he was always slow to gain weight. At first I used to give him comp feeds with formula - but it made no difference to his weight gain - and when I was confident (after heaps of support from our CHNs) I ditched the formula top-ups and exclusively breastfed. My daughter was 3.2kg at birth and she just turned 1 a couple of weeks ago and she now weighs just over 7kg - she's dropped of the percentile scale but her height and wieght are in proportion and she is energetic and healthy. I'm only 5' tall so I think they have both inherited my short genes. My son bulked up a little bit once he started solids, but not a lot, I thought my daughter would too, but solids have made no difference to her weight gain. I've just accepted that I have small children - I know I feed them, so I don't care what anyone else thinks or says. I can't believe how insensitive and downright rude people can be.

Take care
hi iag.someone always has to put there 2 cents worth in.jackson woz born almost 9pounds over 4kg and woz 54cm long so he woz quiet long chubby but not fat.he woz only a few wks old and people were coming up to me how old is he 6mths?no he is only 4ks my god wot r u feeding him.baked dinners woteva he wants id god wot do they think i woz feeding him.he is now almost 10mths and 10.81 kg and i still cop it now i tell them i feed him macccas kfc.god i dont but r people really that stupid!!!

I get the opposite every one including Caleb's grandparents call him porky or chubby, he is only 3 months old and weighs 6 1/2 kgs but he just looks big. He was formula fed from 3 days old everyone says that this is the reason.

At his last check up the nurse said he was a happy and healthy baby so i dont care what people say any more, i love him all the same

Rochelle, NT , DS Caleb DD Brooke

When daughter was born she weighed 3390 and plus Jaye look very small but when she started to get older so did her weighed and it also depends on your baby.

With her putting her hands into her mouth thats just a new thing for her and wondering what the hands a for, and people will always say that the baby is hungry even when they a older and just try not to listen to them but its hard.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

My baby was 3.6kg born, but lost a lot about 300g in the first week. As I was having a bit of trouble with breastfeeding to start with he didn't gain a lot of weight and I was constantly being told how small he was, even though he was still within an acceptable weight for his age. He would take up to an hour to feed and fed every 2 to 3 hours in the first 6 weeks and also regularly slept through the night, but not much during the day. I had one 'friend' tell me that the quality of my milk wasn't good enough, as I have 2 older girls and I spend my day running around after them and the only reason he slept at night was because I was starving him and he was too hungry to cry and that I should definately put him on a bottle. I perserved with the breastfeeding because after talking to the child health clinic I was told he was putting on an acceptable amount of weight and not to worry. He is now 8 months old and weighs 9kg and I am always told how big he is. He is pretty much solely breast fed, as he is not very interested in solids and will pretty much only eat bread. Also, Matthews hands are never out of his mouth, he just likes them there I think.
As long as the baby is healthy and happy and gaining some weight, just ignore what everyone says and enjoy your baby.
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