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How to introuce formula only for bed time feed....... Lock Rss


I'm just wanting to know how do i go about introducing formula to bub just for his bed time feed... i dont want him to wean of the beast.... And do i have to express at that feed.... And what formula is best...Hunters 4 and a half months old...I really need your tips...As bubs only sleeping for only 2 hour then waking for another feed...He dosent seem satisfy after his bed time feed.

Hi there,

We gave Aidan a bottle before bed from an early age as he wasn't satisfied at night time. We ended up weaning Aidan at 6 weeks, cause my breastmilk wasn't substantial enough for him, but that's a different story.

We used Karicare as it came in small sachets, which was good, as at that time he wasn't having enough to justify buying a whole tin. Getting the sachets is good too, cause if he doesn't like it, you haven't wasted a heap of money!

S26 comes in sachets too I believe & that's popular too, but I guess it comes down to what you decide & what your son will have.

Good luck!

Hi i had probs with my little one taking a bottle of expressed milk she wouldn't have a bar of it. She was doing the same thing waking about every 2hrs so for the last 3 nnights i've given her the karicare gold and given it to her at 10.30pm when she was half asleep you can buy them in single doses so you don't have to buy the big tin. She has sleep a bit longer after the bottle when she wakes again i have just been patting her bum so she goes back to sleep and i will feed her on her 2nd waking i'm hoping soon she will be on her way to at least sleeping most of the night thru fingers crossed! Aren't you jealous when you hear of all these babies that have slept thru from like 10weeks i am.
i chose heinz only because itrust that brand. i also did this, i statred by adding 50ml formular and 200ml breast milk then slowly adding more formular,mind u my bub never even noticed a change as long as it was food she was happy,just make sure u remember to express that feed so u don't loose ur milk,(like i did ) sad

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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